2 of the Most Inspiring Small Businesses You’ll Ever See/Read About

Studio Julie Moir Messervy Design

Despite being a small landscape architecture and design company with a location in Saxtons River, Vermont, Julie Moir Messervy Design Studio (JMMDS) has a big influence. Julie Moir Messervy, the company’s creator, is a pioneering figure in both theory and practice of landscape and garden design. Julie has published nine books on the subject and has delivered far too many illustrious lectures to keep track of. Of course, they looked into small business grants.

The company is dedicated to reintroducing nature into people’s lives, whether through a home garden or a public area that attracts individuals who value what Mother Earth has to offer.

JMMDS, a woman-owned firm, recognizes the importance of fostering a healthy work-life balance and provides its employees with flexible work schedules. This has assisted the design agency in thriving and expanding for almost four decades, along with the development of its own distinctive design app.

One of the secrets to the success of the company is its readiness to adopt cutting-edge technologies to support corporate expansion. Even though JMMDS’s primary goal is to help people reconnect with nature, it makes use of modern technology to spread that message to a far wider audience. 

Due to its dedication, JMMDS has achieved a number of triumphs and accolades, including being named one of Deluxe’s 100 Small Business Revolution Stories and receiving the Leonardo Da Vinci Award for innovation and creativity for its work on the Toronto Music Garden.

Important lessons for business owners:

Hold fast to your goals and objectives

When possible, provide your employees with flexible work schedules.

Utilize technology to expand your business.

Huffington Post

One of the most popular online journals in the world is The Huffington Post. It was established in 2005 by Arianna Huffington and has since expanded into a sizable media empire.

When Huffington made the decision to launch her own company, she had already spent years working as a conservative pundit and political activist. To that end, she founded a website named The Huffington Post.

Although the website became popular right away, it nearly went out of business in its first year.

To keep the company solvent, Huffington was forced to fire the majority of her employees and sell her house.

She persisted, though, and eventually succeeded in making The Huffington Post into the dominant force it is today. The website now has over 200 million monthly visitors and more than 2,000 staff members.

The success of Huffington is a real example of doing whatever it takes. Few business owners would take such extreme efforts to keep their operation alive, but she did, and it was incredibly profitable.

Key takeaways for entrepreneurs:

Despite difficulties, never give up.

Be adaptable and flexible in the face of shifting situations and conditions.

Be mindful of any holes in the market that your product or service can fill.

Pick a venture that reflects your hobbies and passions.

Adopt modern technology that is appropriate for your company.

Be genuine