3 Tips for Creating a Tile Pattern That Works in a Small Space

3 Tips for Creating a Tile Pattern That Works in a Small Space

Everyone wants to make the most out of their home without breaking the bank, and adding a tile pattern to a section of your home is one of the most cost-efficient ways to liven up a living space. Tile is incredibly durable and low maintenance, so it doesn’t require much upkeep, and installing tile can also raise the value of your home.

However, adding a tile pattern to a small space can be challenging. Without much room to work, the importance of choosing a tile pattern that’s appropriate for the area can’t be understated.

It’s best to start with a plan. How do you want the space to be accented? Are you looking to brighten a room, add some depth, or do you want your tile pattern to make a statement?

Once you know what you want, there are a few strategies you’ll want to employ to make sure your small space ends up looking immaculate.

1- Utilize Lighter Colors

Lighter colors in a tile pattern can make a small space feel more open, creating the illusion that it’s bigger than it is. Think soft pastels, whites, and cream colors.

You can also construct a color fade to exaggerate the height of the ceiling. Start with tiles on the darker side of your desired color palette, then gradually fade to a solid white or cream as you progress toward the ceiling.

Another way to utilize lighter colors is to add a darker color for contrast, which creates a sense of depth in the area. With darker colors at the opposite end, a light-colored room will appear longer.

If you’re going for something a little flashier, you can apply lighter pastel colors to create a rainbow pattern with tile. This will also give the area a sense of depth without employing any darker colors.

2- Focus on the Floor

Don’t be afraid to make the floor a focal point of the small space you’re working with. A compelling floor pattern can add depth and an impression of movement in smaller areas.

Patterns like chevron and herringbone are beautiful floor arrangements that can energize a room and make it seem more spacious. Another option would be to put in a diagonal sweep pattern to create a sense of flow.

You could also use floor tile to create a pattern that matches the walls for a seamless look. Then, you can give it some character by applying a clear glaze at different angles across the tile.

3- Create a Stunning Mural

An intriguing tile mural instantly adds personality to even the smallest of spaces. Murals come in all different dimensions, so it doesn’t need to be anything extravagant.

Choose a color scheme that will mesh with the rest of the room, and then pick a mural that speaks to you. It can be something calm and soothing, or it can be something bold that makes a statement.

When everything is said and done, you want something that looks good. Your tile pattern should be something you admire. It should be something your guests admire as well. Tile patterns can make small spaces pop, and if you plan it out carefully, you can transform a small, stale space into an area you’re proud to show off.