7 Reasons Why Electric Repairs Should be Left to Professionals

7 Reasons Why Electric Repairs Should be Left to Professionals

Ever since the invention of the lightbulb, we have been relying on harnessing electricity to light up our nights and dark spaces and operating an increasing number of devices that make life more comfortable in and around our homes and places of work. But what a pain it is when we need electrical repairs! Yes, things can and do go wrong now and then. But while it may be tempting to take a DIY approach to repairing electrical problems, even seemingly simple ones, unless you’re a licensed electrician, it’s always best to leave that kind of work to the professionals. Here are seven good reasons why electric repairs should be left to professionals.

1. Electricity is Dangerous

Electrical shock is no laughing matter. If you attempt to do electrical work without knowing exactly what you are doing and how to protect yourself, you could subject yourself to electrical shock, severe burns, or even death.

2. Fire Hazards

Fires can start when wiring is done poorly or improperly or when old or outdated materials are used. Licensed electricians are highly trained to employ the proper methods and the most up-to-date materials for wiring and dealing with electricity at all levels.

3. Your Homeowners’ Insurance May Not Cover Damages If You Don’t Hire a Professional

One of the best reasons to hire a professional is that any company worth its salt will be fully licensed and insured. Not only that, but professionals will keep up to date on any changes to local and state codes. When you hire professionals, you’ll have peace of mind that they know what they are doing and that they’ll take full responsibility for their work.

4. You May End Up With Code Violations

Do you know what type of circuit breaker needs to be installed for the work you are doing? Did you install tamper-resistant receptacles on that last fix? You might be forgiven if you aren’t familiar with the various building codes that must be met when it comes to electrical installations–but it won’t get you out of paying the fines. When you hire a licensed professional, they’re putting their company and reputation on the line for you, so you can rest assured that they will complete their work to the current code.

5. If You Don’t Hire a Licensed Professional, You Can Make a Bad Situation Worse

Sometimes homeowners, rather than pay for a necessary upgrade, will rely on extension cords or multiple electrical strips to try to get more outlets to meet their needs. Quick “fixes” like these can result in overloading the electrical system and potentially leading to fires. Professionals can evaluate the electrical service at homes and businesses and provide quotes to safely get you the additional services you need.

6. Professionals Have the Right Tools and Equipment

You may have a fair number of good tools on hand. However, they may not be everything you need for the job. And they may be spread out around the house–a box in the basement, another out in the shed. Professionals tend to carry a full slate of quality tools and equipment for their profession and store safely in their service vehicles. After all, their tools are their livelihood.

7. A Licensed Professional is “Wired” to Look for Problems

Maybe you have a circuit breaker that’s constantly tripping. Or an outlet that sparks when you plug into it. When you call a professional with an electrical problem, their aim is to provide top-notch customer service. They’ll do that by thoroughly evaluating the situation and ruling out all sources of the cause.