3 Tips for Finding Sewing Products That Will Last

3 Tips for Finding Sewing Products That Will Last

If you are a veteran sewer, you know that the quality of the materials you use affects how the completed project looks and how long it will last. Beginners may try to cut costs by using low-cost materials. However, investing in durable, proven products will add to the beauty and longevity of your creations. Here are three tips to help you find sewing products that last.

1- Talk to Others Who Sew

Those who have completed many tailoring projects know what supplies contribute to a stunning outcome. They may offer tips about brands of scissors, thread, fabric, and accessories that hold up over time.

Cheap thread breaks easily, often when it is on your machine as you are stitching fabric. Cheap thread may cause the fabric to pucker or to shred as you thread it through a needle. Find a brand from a reputable supplier who tests materials and can vouch for their durability.

Ask staff at sewing stores about high-quality fabrics, tools, and accessories. Experts recommend spending more for a good pair of scissors and using them only for fabric. Some people hide their sewing scissors from their families to prevent misuse. You may want several pairs that serve specific purposes, such as heavy-duty shears for cutting fabric and craft scissors for detailed work.

The needles you use on your sewing machine and for hand stitching affect how your creation looks and may affect how long it lasts. Experts recommend using specific types of needles for different fabrics, such as ballpoint needles for jerseys, knits, and lightweight fabrics and heavy-duty needles designed for leather, denim, canvas, and stiff or thick materials. Your sewing machine manufacturer or a good fabric store should be able to recommend a good quality needle that will work for your project. A cheap needle may damage the material, so it is worthwhile to use a quality needle.

2- Check Out Online Resources and Blogs by Reputable Sewing Supply Manufacturers

Many sewing machine manufacturers include blogs and tips on their websites. If you are buying a sewing machine, evaluate the features, cost, and reputation of the company. Many machines are dual-function and computerized, which can be a plus for those who want more features or undertake complex projects. However, if you are just beginning to sew, consider a simple machine that may be easier to use.

3- Use Quality Fabric

Get to know the qualities of different fabrics. Classic materials include cotton, rayon, wool, silk, and linen. Today’s fabrics include synthetic fibers, such as polyester, nylon, and blends.

Fabric manufacturers offer breathable, flame-resistant, and barrier products that promote health, safety, and comfort. Look for colorfast materials that do not shrink and are durable. Again, those with experience can guide you to brands and blends that work well with different apparel styles and needs.

Your sewing projects will look great and last longer by using quality products. As you gain experience, you will find products that help you create beautiful items that last and will hold up for years to come.