4 Tips for Choosing a Certified Solar Installer

The rise of solar energy has been increasing by the year. As prices continue to decrease, homeowners and governments are investing in more solar than ever. That’s why 2022 expects to see another record increase in solar use.

That’s why it’s no surprise if you’re interested in investing in solar. However, it’s easier said than done to install solar panels. If you want the job done right, you’ll need to find a solar contractor to handle the installation for you.

Use the four tips below to find a certified solar installer with the skills to handle the job.

1. Look for Solar Experience

A solar panel certification is great to look for when picking a solar energy installer. But having a certificate doesn’t mean you have the experience needed for the job.

Most new installers work with experienced companies before they go out independently. Make sure the company you hire has several years of experience. That will ensure you work with installers that have done successful installations before and know which issues to avoid.

2. Find a Great Warranty

Things won’t always go right when installing solar panels, even if you hire a great installer. People will make mistakes, and your solar equipment will fail.

Do you want to pay for services and products again when things should have been done the first time correctly?

A warranty will ensure you get the help you need when you experience problems. A reputable installer will offer warranties for labor and equipment to reassure their customers.

3. Avoid Hiring on Price

Price is an essential factor to consider when investing in solar panels. However, it isn’t the only thing you should consider. What happens when you hire someone who drastically undercuts the competition and cuts corners to compensate for the price they charge?

Make sure you understand the average price of solar installation in your area. Don’t just go for a company that charges much less than that. Make sure you hire a company that offers the level of service you need to successfully install solar panels without issues.

4. Pick a Local Company

The rules aren’t the same in every location in a country. Every local area has building codes that can differ drastically from other regions. Many of those codes will apply to solar panel installations.

If you hire an installer from out of the area who doesn’t know the local codes, you may end up with an installation that doesn’t get approved. You’ll need to start over in this situation.

It’s smarter to work with local installers. These companies will know the local rules and pass the building inspection.

Don’t Accept Less Than the Best Certified Solar Installer

Installing solar panels is a big job, so you can’t afford to hire a certified solar installer that doesn’t know the ins and outs of the process. You must do your due diligence to learn what it takes to offer a great solar power installation experience. Keep the tips above in mind while searching to find the perfect provider for the job.

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