4 Tips for Finding Environmentally Friendly Clothing Pieces

4 Tips for Finding Environmentally Friendly Clothing Pieces

It’s officially summer and that means it’s time to put your winter wardrobe in storage and find some new, fresh summer attire. When you are shopping, you might not think that your clothing choices have any effect on the environment. But in reality, many clothing companies are some of the largest contributors of pollution.

Clothing production makes up about ten percent of total carbon emissions. It also pollutes waterways and dries up those resources. Washing certain types of clothes even releases massive amounts of microplastics into the oceans. What’s more, about 85 percent of all textiles are thrown into garbage dumps every year!

When we think about pollution, we tend to visualize coal, oil drilling, and more. But even something as trivial as clothes can have profound impacts on our environment.

We have several tips that can help you find great new additions to your summer closet, while also helping out the environment. Check out the four tips below to help you make your summer wardrobe environmentally-friendly this year.

1- Shop at Secondhand Stores

Thrift shops are a great way to find fashionable and affordable apparel. Secondhand clothes are also a great way to help reduce greenhouse gases that are associated with the manufacturing industry. Not to mention, shopping at secondhand stores can save you from overspending and give your bank account a much needed break. Learn how the clothing industry contributes to global carbon emissions and water pollution.

2- Buy Clothes Made From Recycled Materials

Many clothing companies have committed to sustainability through sourcing recycled materials in their clothes. These clothing items often sport a tag that says, “made from recycled materials” or “100 percent recycled material.” Try to become familiar with environmental certifications to look for when you are purchasing clothes.

3- Choose Clothes That Contribute to Environmental Causes

Release your inner philanthropist by trying to buy clothes from a company that donates to a good cause. Several clothing brands will actually donate a portion of their proceeds to causes dedicated to environmental protection and restoration. If you need help finding these brands, check out this list of stores who are committed to protecting the environment.

4- Donate Your Old Clothes

When it’s time to freshen up your wardrobe, don’t forget to continue the sustainability trend by donating clothes that are in fair to good condition. Donating your old clothing items is a great way to reduce waste and demand for new clothes. This also helps preserve Earth’s resources. As an added bonus, clothing donation is a great way to help support families in need and your local community.

If you still are not quite sure where to start looking for environmentally-friendly attire, check out this guide of stores that promotes eco-friendly clothing items.

The Earth is our only home and we need to make sure that we keep it healthy. Everyday, we make choices that not only affect our personal lives, but also the Earth around us. That includes our wardrobe choices. Finding sustainable clothing is actually easier than it sounds, and it benefits the environment in a number of ways.