5 Fun Outdoor Activities for Families

5 Fun Outdoor Activities for Families

It’s no secret that spending time outside is great for you. But sometimes it’s hard to pull kids away from their phones and get them to spend quality time outside with the whole family.

1. Camping

Is kind of the all-in-one package of outdoor family fun. Depending on where you go, you can swim, hike, enjoy sleeping outside (or in an awesome cabin), and just get away from the city in general. Great camping facilities tend to offer the best of both worlds, with plenty of nature-based activities, coupled with all of the modern-day conveniences we want after a long day in the sun.

2. Gardening

Whether you have acreage or a windowsill in an apartment, gardening is a great way to both provide stability for your family, as well as get them outside having fun. This can be especially fun when you have little ones, as you can watch the wonder on their faces as they turn seeds into beautiful flowers and edible food.

Even older kids can have fun learning about companion planting and reaping the rewards of their hard work and efforts. Not to mention all the memories, conversations, and even funny mishaps you’ll make and have along the way. (ProTip: Hot peppers can be pollinated by/crossbred with pretty much any nightshade. YIKES did we find that out the weird way!)

3. Yard Games

These are especially fun if you have kiddos. From putter golf to giant chess and connect 4, there are tons of great games for the whole family. These tend to take up some space, so it’s better if you have a big or open yard, or plan to take a trip to a park.

You can also easily set up an outdoor movie with a projector screen and your phone so you can enjoy outside time even at night!

4. Biking

One of the American cornerstones of childhood is teaching your kiddo to ride a bike. But it doesn’t have to stop there. Whether you guys like to go on adventures, race each other, or just enjoy the scenery, riding together ensures that you and your family get plenty of sun and exercise.

Plus, you never know what sort of memories you might make together while you’re out and about.

Spice up your bike rides by choosing new destinations, challenging each other to go further every week, getting groceries together, or biking to other fun activities like dinner, movies, or the mall.

5. Fishing & BBQs

Okay, so technically this section has a bonus activity included in it. We just couldn’t decide which of these deserved the final spot! These are both great family activities, especially since they both teach valuable lessons and provide plenty of together time.

These are both great outdoor activities because of the length of time involved, skill involved, teachable moments available, and longevity of use. Once someone has these skills, they keep them for life. They’ll be able to provide more for themselves and may even be able to go into business with them. (Plus, it’s great to pair the two – go fishing in the morning, smoke or grill the fish when you get home!)

There are plenty of ways to engage your whole family in outdoor fun. The key is finding something you all love and incorporating it into your daily outdoor life. If your family is a little stuck on the idea of only having fun inside, break them in with some light!