6 Tips for Choosing a Unique Headstone to Honor a Loved One

6 Tips for Choosing a Unique Headstone to Honor a Loved One

If you have a loved one who passed away, then you know how stressful and emotional the planning of the funeral and memorial can be. There are so many decisions to make all the while mourning someone you care about. One of the decisions you will need to make is choosing the proper headstone. The headstone will be the permanent memorial for the deceased individual and you will want to make sure it truly honors the life that they lived. Here are six tips for making sure you choose a unique and special tombstone for your loved one. Using these tips can make the decision-making less stressful for you.

1. Pick One Person to Make the Decisions

If too many people are trying to make decisions after a loved one’s death, the process can go from stressful to detrimental to family connections if arguments arise. Some people simply don’t want to make the decisions either. So, if you are working with others to choose your loved one’s headstone, then consider picking one person to make all of the decisions. This can keep things calm and ensure the right person is in charge.

2. Consider the Inscription

One of the most important parts of the headstone is the inscription. The words you choose for your loved one will need to sum up the most important aspect of that person, and, it can be a very hard decision. So, when you are considering the inscription, think of something that truly speaks to that person. Consider quotes, important roles they played (like military or family member), and things that mattered to them personally.

3. Avoid Cliches

Certain inscriptions on headstones are so cliche that they have almost become a joke. Things like Rest in Peace or RIP are so overdone that they certainly do not belong on a unique and special headstone. Avoid these cliches and think outside of the box. Remember that this is a permanent memorial so you want something that goes above and beyond what everyone else has done.

4. Honor Your Loved One

Remember that the main goal of the headstone is to choose something that will honor your loved one. Don’t choose something that you like. Choose something that they would like. Think of their personality and personal aesthetic and choose something that would have mattered to them.

5. Consider Other Ideas

Don’t be afraid to get advice from professional monument company representatives and others who work in the industry. Making these decisions can be very stressful and overwhelming. You do not have to make all the choices completely on your own.

6. Keep Cost in Mind

Finally, cost can matter. While you want to choose something unique and beautiful, you also want to make sure you keep within budget. So, as you are making decisions about your loved one’s monument headstone, ensure you are working within a budget that you can afford.

Taking care of a loved one’s burial arrangements is a difficult time. Use these tips to make choosing and designing the headstone a bit easier for you.