7 Steps to Take After Having a Tooth Knocked Out

7 Steps to Take After Having a Tooth Knocked Out

Did you just have a tooth knocked out? It can be a scary time, but the most important things are not to panic and contact a dentist immediately. By staying calm, you will be able to think more clearly and assess the situation, and by contacting a dentist, you will be able to receive the best treatments for a knocked out tooth.

1. Don’t Panic

Don’t immediately jump to the conclusion that it is the end of your trip if you can help it. Many things can be done to fix this problem! The first thing you should do is sit down and assess the damage. Make sure to calm down before doing so because panicking will not help in this situation at all. If you feel like you might lose control; get someone else to take over for you. For example, if your friend(s) or family member(s) are there with you, ask them for their opinion on what should happen next.

2. Check The Damage

To know what you’re dealing with, it’s important to check the damage. You might think your tooth is knocked out, but it might not be. On the other hand, you might think you have only one tooth knocked out, but after checking the damage, you might discover it’s two teeth knocked out. It’s key to check the damage so you know what to tell the dentist.

3. Look For The Knocked Out Tooth

If possible, you should try to look for the knocked out tooth in case the dentist can restore or repair it. It’ll also help the dentist have a full understanding of what the damage is they are dealing with. If you can’t find the tooth, it’s okay, and the dentist will still be able to salvage the dental emergency with other solutions.

4. Rinse Your Tooth With Water

This step is fairly simple but many people don’t think about doing it before putting their tooth back in their mouth! This will help to clean out any blood, dirt, debris, etc that may have gotten into the socket during “the incident.” Also, rinsing with water will reduce the pain and swelling because it will help to clean out your mouth a little bit.

5. Rinse Out Your Mouth With Salt Water

Applying salt directly into your mouth will help to disinfect your mouth and also act as an antiseptic; fighting off bacteria that would harm you if left untreated. If you can rinse out your mouth at least twice before getting professional help then there is no reason not to do it! However, make sure to still see a dentist ASAP…even if there isn’t much swelling! It’s better safe than sorry.

6. Get To A Dentist Or Emergency Room As Soon As Possible

In the case of dental emergencies, it is important to get a dental professional help as soon as possible! The dentist should still be one of the first people you go see because a dentist will be able to help preserve and save dental functions like nerve and gum tissue. Dentists keep spots available for dental emergencies like a knocked out tooth so it’s crucial to contact a dentist as soon as possible.