8 Common Misconceptions People Have About Plastic Surgery

8 Common Misconceptions People Have About Plastic Surgery

If you think plastic surgery isn’t common, think again! Each year, over 10 million procedures done for both men and women. While many of these are minimally invasive, others are more complex and can drastically change how someone looks. While most people think they know a lot about plastic surgery in general, there are an astounding number of misconceptions out there. Below are some of the most common to learn about before going under the knife.

1. It’s All For Looks

Some people have plastic surgery done to change their appearance but this isn’t always the case. Many people use plastic surgery to fix birth-defects or physical body issues that hinder their everyday life.

2. There are No Scars

While plastic surgeons will try to avoid scarring, this isn’t always possible. Patients should go into surgery knowing they will very likely have scarring left behind. If you’re concerned, you can discuss scarring with your surgeon during the consultation to have realistic expectations.

3. It’s Only For the Rich

The cost of surgery varies for each procedure, and there are many ways to pay for it (including insurance coverage in some cases). Many procedures are more affordable than ever before.

4. Surgery is Extremely Dangerous

While there are always risks involved, plastic surgery is safer than ever. When you work with an experienced surgeon, you’ll have peace of mind knowing they will take good care of you.

5. You Won’t Look Natural

Doing research to find an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon is the key to making sure you’ll end up with results that look natural. A skilled surgeon will ensure your results match your body, and you should be honest with your surgeon about your desires and if they are a realistic possibility.

6. Only Women Can Get Surgery

Men have become more accepting of plastic surgery for themselves and now make up a number of clientele for most offices. There is nothing that says only one gender can have procedures done, and men continue to seek out surgeons to help them.

7. All Surgeons are the Same

Most plastic surgeons specialize in a few different procedures that they excel at. For this reason, it’s extremely important to research the surgeons in your area and find one that specializes in the procedure you’d like to have done.

8. Your Expectations Won’t Be Met

Discuss expectations with your plastic surgeon before your procedure. Your surgeon will give you an accurate idea of what you can expect once healing is complete. Their honest advice will ensure you can set realistic expectations instead of dreaming of results that may not be possible.

The Future of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is more accepted than ever before and procedures are done on thousands of patients daily. With enhanced safety measures and payment options, the accessibility of procedures will only continue to grow. If you’re considering having something done, then make sure to do your research and take your time. Doing so will give you peace of mind that you have chosen a surgeon who you can trust to meet your expectations.