All you need to know about window buying and window replacement

A lot of people tend to devalue the importance of windows in a home. It is not only increasing the external appearance of your homes, but also plays a very vital role in providing very calm living conditions to the home by regulating the temperature. There is a certain type of windows that can keep the hot air in and the cold air out and vice versa. When the windows are tightly fit, then it leads to major savings in your energy bills. With the plethora of benefits, it brings about, it becomes very important to get complete details on window buying and window replacement. 

Window Anatomy 

This might sound silly, just as to how having an idea of human anatomy seems very beneficial, the same applies to window anatomy as well. The main parts of a window are listed below:

  • Head 

The horizontal rod-like structure on top of the window. 

  • Sill 

The horizontal rod-like structure on the bottom of the window.

  • Jamb 

The vertical rod-like structure which supports both sides of the window frame.

  • Frame 

The enclosure in which the window is fixed.

  • Simulated Divider Lits 

The rods placed both in the interior and the exterior portions of the window which gives an elevated look by dividing the windows.

  • Sash 

The rail that holds the glass is known as sash.

  • Glazing 

The process of adding sheets of glass to the windowpane is known as glazing. 

  • Pane 

The place where the glass fits itself onto the frame is known as pane. 

Replacement of the window means that you are removing the entire material of the window along with the frame and replacing it with a new one. 

Retrofitting the window means that you are removing the sash alone while leaving the frame intact. 

Types of windows 

Based on the design of the windows, it opens and closes. You can choose the type of windows based on the type of room. 

  • Casement Windows 

These are the types of windows that open outward. The sash is fixed both on the top and bottom. 

  • Hung Windows 

There are two types of hung windows, namely single-hung and double-hung. The lower half can be raised and the upper half should be lowered to operate this window. 

Picture Window 

A large-sized window that doesn’t facilitate opening and closing.

  • Fixed Window 

Same as that of the Picture Window with the only difference being the addition of simulated divider lits according to EcoChoice Windows Toronto

  • Awning Window 

A horizontal shaped window that can open only outwards.

  • Slider window 

This is the type of window which can either be closed nor be opened outward or inward, it can only be slide either to left or to the right. 

  • Bay Window 

The placing of a horizontal window at the center with the other two vertical windows on the left and right of the horizontal windows at certain angles is known as bay windows. 

  • Bow Window 

An extended version of the bay window is a bow window. The windows are arranged at a certain angle that it looks like a bow and provides an extended view to the audience. 

  • Skylights 

If you are interested in adding natural light to your living space, then you are supposed to go for skylights windows. 

Materials for frame 

There are many materials for the frame. Some of the best are provided by EcoChoice Windows Torontoa forerunner in this business. 

  • Vinyl 

It is one of the best suited for construction projects. It can withstand any weather condition. The price of Vinyl is very less when compared to the other materials used in the construction of the frame. 

  • Wood 

Wood is one of those décors which could match anyone’s preferences. The wood can be modified according to one’s tastes, likes, and dislikes. Also, wood is very resistant to temperature changes in the vicinity. 

  • Aluminum Clad Wood 

This is the type of wooden frame in which you can modify it as you wish. The elegance of wood is maintained to keep intact the benefit of aluminum so that it is very durable. 

  • Hybrid 

If you wish to obtain both the benefits of vinyl and aluminum, then you are supposed to get the hybrid product. 

Energy star qualified windows 

There are certain attributes you need to look into while speaking of energy star qualification. The U value measures the amount of heat entering into your living space and the SHGC value measures the amount of sunlight that enters into your living space. 

Also, you can add grills, colors, and measure before you get your windows replaced. 

EcoChoice Windows Toronto is one of the best companies in the locality which is working on the area of window replacement. These are the must-know things when it comes to window replacement.