Best Clothing For Outdoor Activities

What is the best clothing for your outdoor activities? There are several choices to wear. However, the ideal outdoor wear is determined by the weather and the type of activities to perform. Are you heading during the winter or summer? Are you going for a hike, camping, fishing, hunting, etc?

Whatever activity you choose, the right outdoor clothing must offer protection from the harsh outdoor weather elements. During a hike in the mountains, you can never be sure the weather will be sunny throughout. This is something Alexander Djerassi knows so well. He understands the importance of proper dressing before a walk in the park, some outdoor exercises, or some adventure in the forest.

Djerassi recommends the onion look type of dressing. This is where someone wears several layers. It is better to wear more than have a few clothes when the weather gets worse. You can always remove or add the layers depending on the weather changes. Below are some of the best clothing for outdoor activities that he recommends.

A Practical and All-Around Soft-Shell Jacket

A soft-shell jacket is a must-have whenever heading outdoors. The ideal jacket must be soft, lightweight, and elastic to ensure maximum comfort. You need a flexible design jacket that does not restrict your movement. These jackets usually feature breathable outer fabric for excellent air ventilation. However, they are windproof and water-repellent.

The jackets are very resilient and can handle the harsh outdoor weather. They are also strong and resist common wear and tear.

Functional and Quick-Drying T-Shirts

Underneath the soft jacket, it is recommended you wear a functional and quick-drying trekking t-shirt. There are varieties of t-shirts to choose from for different seasons. If you’re heading out during spring and summer, then consider t-shirts with UV protection. The ideal t-shirt must be quick-drying which comes in handy when you get wet.

Functional Pants

Next, you need to consider functional pants with optimum movement range. Outdoor pants come in a variety of materials. If you want to venture into areas around water bodies, then consider pants with quick-drying fabric materials. For exhausting activities, consider sturdier and firmer pants.

Functional Underwear with Optimum Moisture Management

Functional underwear is another important piece that provides excellent moisture and heat management. When sweating, the sweat is easily absorbed from your skin leaving you feeling dry and cool. The ideal pant also needs to be quick-drying in case it gets wet.


A softshell jacket might not be enough in case of heavy rains. If you anticipate heavy rains, then consider packing rainwear. This can be an additional waterproof jacket to protect against heavy rains. However, this depends on the weather and the type of activities you plan to perform.

A Suiting Pair of Shoes

Bring out the best pair of shoes to match the activities you intend to perform. Hiking shoes are a must-have if you plan hiking in the mountains. Consider shoes with a high ankle to protect your feet and ankle. For trekking in the woods, consider the best trekking boots.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Alexander Djerassi believes that the type of wear you choose for your outdoor adventures can greatly determine the effectiveness of the adventure. Make sure you dress properly to match the weather conditions out there.

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