This is The Secret On Managing Residential Real Estate Professionals

Are you in real estate? Or do you aspire to invest in the industry? There is a tip for you to get professional. Residential real estate professionals are licensed to market properties in the real estate industry, ranging from salespeople to brokers. They also materially participate in brokerage or construction of homes, satisfying more than 50% of their services in trades. The secret to becoming that professional is Thomas Cruz. Yes, he is an expert in affordable single-family portfolios, having achieved the incredible. At 32 years, he gets over 100 leads a month and owns over 100 single-family properties. Get to know his journey and find out how you can thrive in real estate. 

About Thomas Cruz

Thomas Cruz is a real estate investor and coach, teaching people how to start and scale their property portfolio. He is the owner of CashFlow Pros, a real estate company. Besides, Thomas buys single-family properties and sells them out to subsidized government-sponsored programs. He also trains on how to get started in real estate.

At 30 years old, Cruz bought 92 single-family homes for $6 million and 18 months later sold them for $10 million. He has completed over a hundred real estate transactions and has a massive following on Tiktok and Instagram. He is motivated by achieving financial independence and being able to do whatever he wants with his time. 

Thomas Cruz’s Journey

Thomas Cruz is originally from Brazil but moved to North Carolina in the US at 5. From an early age, he had a business mind and took action to start entrepreneurship. He started out selling pokemon cards and drop shipping from Amazon, eBay, among others, while in high school.

From the money he accumulated from college, he got a condo after graduating from North Carolina. Almost a year later, he rented the home. From a marketing side hustle and wholesaling properties, he was able to buy another home. He continued to reinvest and buy more single-family homes. He then started to partner with higher net worth individuals and was able to buy relatively more homes. Thomas then did cash-out refinances, buying out his partners. 

Lessons to Learn from Thomas Cruz

Embrace the Journey

Thomas Cruz advises that going after the legends in your industry is a waste of time unless you have the resources. It would help if you moved at your pace, by your rules, and with the resources you have. Success is a journey—a process of growth, failure, and, most important, a clearer understanding of how things work. There is no way you can walk before you have crawled. Competing with big people will waste your time and resources as they already established their foundation or strongholds. Walk your race, and that is the only way you can truly grow.

Networking and growing business relationships

Networking and growing your business is essential in the real estate industry. It is a way to quickly get referrals from people you’ve served or worked with before. As much as you put effort in your work, networking is an excellent boost to your success. People prefer a word-to-word referral other than searching from the internet. Especially since it is a property that costs quite an amount, you would also want to be sure that you are making the right purchase decision. It is advisable to spend at least 6 hours a week networking. A study by Business Networking Professional on 12,000 business professionals shows that those who credit their networking success spend at least 6.3 hours a week networking. Networking is a great way to forge business deals with the relationships you establish.

Start with what you have.

Thomas Cruz began his entrepreneurial journey by selling pokemon cards and dropshipping. This model indeed required fewer resources. He started with what was possible for him. It fueled his success journey, such that he ended up buying himself home after graduation. It did not stop there as he began reinvesting, and today he is an expert in real estate.


Thomas Cruz’s success journey is merely about hard work, determination, and self-realization. If you want to excel in the real estate world, it would be best to seek Thomas Cruz’s coaching. He has made huge strides at 32 and justifies his capabilities to bring the best out of realtors and those aspiring to get into real estate. You can follow Thomas Cruz on Instagram or Tiktok.