Correlation Between Music and Exercise

When a person is working out they often use music to stay motivated. There is something about the beat that will get a person up and moving. Alexander Djerassi knows that music and exercise are very important and there is a correlation between the two. Djerassi feels that if a person is listening to music they will push themselves harder and the workout that they engage in will be more intense.

Music is something that is loved by people all around the world. Each culture has its style of music and they use it for many different purposes. Music and sports began to go together. The beat and the pace of the music would keep the players going and would allow them to push on. This was something that people have taken notice of. Music was used during exercise to help keep a person motivated and help keep them going. When a person is listening to music while they are working out this will help improve their heart rate. This will allow them to have a more intense workout.

When looking at the relationship between exercise and music, Alexander Djerassi knows it was shown that music is able to increase anaerobic performance. This happens both during the warmup and during the workout. This will allow the body to burn more calories in a shorter period of time. More energy is used which will allow the body to go into fat burning mode. All of this is thanks to the beat of the music.

Studies have found that if people listen to music while they are working out they will be able to go longer and with more intensity. People that listen to music while they are working out will exert more energy than those that do not listen to music.

While working out music has been seen as a motivator. It will allow the person to get up and get moving. They will want to go in sync with the music and keep up with the pace. Runners that listen to music can go a long distance without feeling tired. People were able to go further than people that did not listen to music at all. Exercise and music go well and it is not only running that will see the difference. A person that participates in different types of sports will be able to train longer and harder if they can have music playing.

Music can have a positive influence on people that are looking to work out. Music will help motivate people and will encourage them to get up and move. This will allow them to engage in the workout and go longer. If the music is upbeat a person will go along with it. They will put more effort into the workout. This will allow a person to get into shape. They will want to work out if they are able to listen to music and have the beat going on.

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