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How to Exercise with Your Children

There are different types of exercise sessions you can undertake with your children. It is important to understand what kind of exercise is suitable for a specific age of your children. Kids have different preferences when it comes to exercise and finding that niche activity your kids’ love should be your responsibility. Kids will love …

Correlation Between Music and Exercise

When a person is working out they often use music to stay motivated. There is something about the beat that will get a person up and moving. Alexander Djerassi knows that music and exercise are very important and there is a correlation between the two. Djerassi feels that if a person is listening to music …

Bringing Health Home: Why The Home Gym Is Here To Stay

Bringing Health Home: Why The Home Gym Is Here To Stay

Fitness has been a hot topic throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like other public spaces, the private gyms found in towns across the country shut their doors, while people stuck at home tuned into workouts with their favorite trainers and celebrities. However, as time wore on and it became clear that gyms wouldn’t …