Importance of Family Time

The family is the single most important unit of socialization. It is every person’s dream when growing up to raise a family of their own. There are two types of family units which are nuclear and extended family. A nuclear family is a primary unit that consists of father, mother, and kids while an extended family consists of grandparents, uncles and aunties. However you choose to look at them, all the two are critical components in a generation’s existence. We always get our identity from a particular family tree, which guarantees family continuity. Therefore, it is important to spend more time with family members and share in the love that binds you as a unit of existence. There are many benefits of finding time to spend with your family, especially with your immediate family members.

Helen Schifer is convinced that spending time together strengthens family bonds. People can freely share their views on issues and share whatever problem they might be having. Through this, a solution is found in-house without exposing the problem to outsiders. Spending time together as a family also enables people to share ideas of how to grow and the co-existence of members by sharing meals and catching up with memories. This cultivates strong emotional bonds between family members that are essential for generational growth.

Family time creates high self-esteem between children. Children are always vulnerable to environmental changes and need parental guidance to know the good from the bad. Parental guidance and teaching children a positive way of growth will always raise kids’ self-esteem. As a parent, always spare some free time to spend with your children by creating a conducive environment where children can share their problems freely with you and seek to find solutions. Always be protective of your children by giving them parental love that will mold them to better citizens in the future.

Spending that special time with family members is important, especially in the academic performance of children. A good family bond is vital in creating the right environment for your child to perform well in school. When you spend time with your kids, you will understand their academic requirements and work toward fulfilling them to make them comfortable in their studies.

Close interaction with family members helps in improving the mental health and wellbeing of the members. You will be able to understand people’s personal needs and address them individually. Mental health is critical in a family because you will be able to arrest situations like family members going through mental issues like depression through that.

Helen Schifter is a renowned editor and columnist who has worked with Hearst and Condé Nast, and Wall Street. She is very passionate about spending time with family in her home over the weekends. This helps her relax her mind from the busy schedule and works well to improve her mental health. Schifter advises people to spend time with family members especially during this pandemic. The pandemic has disrupted people’s lives around the world. It is better to spend time with loved ones during this pandemic because you never know what tomorrow holds.

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