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An Exhilarated Entrepreneur

Within a world that is constantly adjusting to uncertainty, it can be difficult to be able to ebb and flow with the change of time. Alexander Djerassi has expressed a complete understanding of this struggle. His thesis involving the Arab-Israeli conflict, his assimilations of a Holocaust survivor group, and multiple research trips he has embarked on all prove to show his desire to enact extensive development and move against the worn out philosophies that have been around for decades.

Djerassi’s responsibilities have had a strong focus on improving the businesses he works with. By grappling with the issues he discovers under the initial foundation of ideas created by these businesses, he has been able to fix challenging matters that were otherwise overlooked by even the superiors of these companies. To continue, he involved himself in volunteer opportunities such as Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. This boosted him to begin working with the Obama administration and further into international relations. It is clear that although his work has been overall grueling, with travelling to impoverished countries and working with opposing political affiliations, he still has the inclination to “lead a horse to water” even if it does not pan out the way he expected.

Djerassi’s way of handling what he is presented can be seen as overdoing it by some. With this being said, most corporations looking to improve their working standards can lean on Djerassi’s perspective of work. His intentions were set to enact change and improve the initial standards. These philosophies that he has are motivational. It encourages those who read on Djerassi to refocus their outlook and begin channeling their energy into a mindset that involves change, effort, and overall peace. It does not take money or luxurious, materialistic items to follow Djerassi’s mindset. If hardworking employees are involved, and they are able to identify specific issues at hand with a general idea to create a better environment, then a new standard can be created. Furthermore, it is important to have an initial outlook created by the company these employees work for. If this outlook starts on the wrong foot, it will only lead to less than what is being wanted and expected. By considering the way that Djerassi thought of important matters and change, it will be easier for corporations to already have a solid foundation that needs little to no change. From there, they can begin to focus on the issues that present from outside sources instead of inside sources such as employee’s lack of desire to create better.
Alexander Djerassi can be used as a blueprint for dedication and determination. His career has shown to be fortunate in more ways than one. It has been beneficial for not only himself but everyone he has come into contact and worked with. Companies that strive for immediate change will not find what they are looking for. As seen with Djerassi, it takes time but creating the time to put forth the effort will overall be satisfactory.

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