Feeling Distracted? How Focus Can Improve Your Life

There are several reasons why many Americans are feeling distracted in their daily lives. The human mind has been found to wander for a shocking 47% of the day, as we continue to be bombarded with demands for our attention. Humans are constantly fighting against digital distractions, getting up to 80 phone notifications per day. This lack of focus is costing us more than we realize, and our environment has become toxic for productivity.

Studies show that 42% of millennials regularly consume food and drink to improve their focus in the US. Energy drinks and coffee are the most common products, with regular users citing many benefits. Despite reports of increased alertness and elevated mood, caffeine has several severe adverse effects on the body. It is not sustainable to rely on caffeine for focus, and it may even be linked to long-term health concerns.

Biohacking and nootropics are both natural methods of improving focus that many people are starting to turn to. Building brain health boosts cognition and overall improves the quality of life for many people seeking better cognitive functions. The world is struggling with a focus epidemic, one that science is fighting to solve everyday and one that has the potential to change the lives of millions of Americans.

How Focus Can Improve Your Life
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