The Perks of Moving to Louisville

When most Americans think of Louisville, Kentucky, their mind goes to the Kentucky Derby. Known as the most exciting 2 minutes in sports, the Derby is America’s longest running sporting event. It dates back to 1875 and draws international attention every year.

Yet there’s far more to the city than a single event. Located south of Indiana on the Ohio River, Louisville is a hidden gem among cities. Louisville boasts a mild climate, with 46 inches of rain and 9 inches of snow per year. In the summers, average high temperatures climb only to 88 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Beyond the Kentucky Derby, some of the biggest cultural events in the country happen in Louisville. The St. James Court Art Show draws an annual crowd of 250,000 people. The Forecastle Music Festival draws crowds over 60,000 regularly. Churchill Downs hosts over 70 special events every year. 
People moving to Louisville have a lot to be excited about. For one, Louisville is below the national average when it comes to cost of living. This affordable cost of living doesn’t have to come at the cost of a thriving economy. Louisville is home to the UPS International Hub and numerous food franchise headquarters.

What Makes Louisville A Great Place To Live?
Source: Finish Line Realty