How Communities Have Changed Since the Internet Arrived

The universe is in a constant state of change and our planet is also undergoing change, as we develop new technologies that empower us to do things that were thought impossible only a few years ago. What do these changes mean for communities? This is something we will take a look at in this article, as we examine the effects of the World Wide Web in relation to communities.

Face to Face Video Calls

This is one aspect of the Internet that has affected communities, both in positive and negative ways, with the positive being the fact that communication is so much easier now, yet this means we are interacting physically less than before. Digital technology is developing at such a rate, it is hard to keep abreast of new technologies, and while many people stay at home more than they used to, we still have great community places like Tradies in Sutherland, where people can get together over a cold beer and some hearty food and catch up on the latest news.

Remote Communities

The Internet empowers those who live in remote regions, allowing them to communicate over long distances, using social media platforms and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) applications that allow voice and video calls. In Australia, the Internet provides distance learning programs, and we have many remote communities in such a massive country that is also a continent, and having the ability to communicate in real time in an inexpensive way really does make a difference. If a person who lives in a remote location requires urgent medical treatment, for example, the World Wide Web might just save their life, and if someone’s vehicle broke down miles from anywhere, they can call for help using an Internet-based application.

Social Media

This is one aspect of digital technology that really does benefit communities, as each can create their very own group, where they can share local news and discuss community issues. This empowers communities in many respects; people can be made aware of pressing social issues, plus it has never been this easy to gather support for a good cause. Communication is vital for communities and The Internet offers free real-time chat and video calls and that is an invaluable asset for many communities.

Sharing Important News

This has never been more evident than during the global Covid-19 pandemic, a time when people really need updated information, which can help them to better prepare. That magical ‘share’ button on Facebook really can make a piece of information go viral in just a few minutes, and when we are dealing with a global threat such as the Covid-19 virus, time is of the essence.

Bringing People Closer Together

The Internet certainly helps communities to remain strong, as information is very quickly posted and shared, and this was very well demonstrated when we had the huge fires spreading across Australia, and it is very likely that quick communication saved lives.

While there might be a few negative aspects of the Internet, the positives are indeed many, and communities all over the world benefit greatly from this amazing global network.