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The Novice Homeowner’s Guide to Roof Maintenance

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The Novice Homeowner’s Guide to Roof Maintenance

If you are buying
your very first property, welcome to home ownership, a great long-term strategy
to create wealth, and while the first few years of mortgage payments will be
tough, it does get easier as you pay off the interest, and finally, one day,
you will have paid for the house and should be sitting on a lot of equity that
will secure your retirement. The roof is the most important component of every
structure, and with that in mind, here are some tips on roof maintenance that
will help you make the right choices.

  • Roof Inspections – This is the only way to check whether or
    not the roof is damaged in any way, and you are advised to contact your local
    roofing contractor to carry out the inspection, which should be at least once a
    year, or less. The roofer would check carefully for any missing roof tiles,
    while also inspecting the flashing, soffit & fascia boards, plus he will
    clean out the guttering, a necessary task, especially if you have trees
    overhanging your roof. Of course, any issues should be repaired at once, which
    avoids costly repairs.
  • Storm Damage – The most likely time for your roof to be damaged is
    during a heavy storm, as the gale-force winds pick up even heavy objects and
    sends them flying through the air, so always inspect your roof thoroughly after
    a bout of bad weather. Strong winds can lift roof tiles clean off the roof, as
    they are not tightly fixed, rather a single nail holds the tile on the baton,
    and if any do come loose, there are affordable Sydney
    roof repairs

    from an established company who can locate an exact match for the missing
  • Guttering Maintenance – Your guttering performs a vital role, it
    is the escape channel for excess rainwater, which means it needs to be cleaned
    out at regular intervals. You might not think that blocked guttering is an
    issue, but it will send rainwater running down your exterior walls, and you
    most certainly don’t want that to happen. This would include flushing out the
    downpipes, which can also become clogged with wet leaves and small twigs.
  • Checking for Leaks – It should be a routine to check the
    upstairs ceiling for signs of damp, as these are indications of a leaking roof,
    and in the event you discover dampness, you need to investigate the source by
    going into the loft, searching for the water source. Repairs need to be
    promptly carried out in order to minimise damage caused, and it is worth noting
    that there are no roofing issues that don’t get worse over time.

If you look after
your roof, it will protect your home for many years, and with regular roof
inspections, any issues can quickly be resolved. It is wise advice to source a
local roofer in advance, and in case of an emergency, you can call in the
expert right away.