How Do You Appreciate Employee Performance?

How do lay people feel when they are appreciated for their good deeds? The obvious answer is they feel elated. But how will an employee, who is spending 90,000 hours of his life at work feel when they get appreciation? Appreciation works magically for an employee, when they are appreciated for their contribution they feel more motivated, they become more committed and more loyal to the organization. 

Research by one of the Big 4 companies “Deloitte” postulates that recognition is strongly associated with enhancing employee engagement, in turn improving work efficiency and capturing market value. In reality, employee engagement, efficiency, and results were 14 percent higher in organizations with recognition than those without. 

There are so many ways in which employees can be appreciated, and especially in this world where social media is prevalent all over, an organization is taking the employee appreciation activity on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram.

Appreciation letter is a best way to show the company’s gratitude to some employees or even peers for their hard work and effort, as well as their achievement to a project.

Others way of appreciating employees are:-

  1. Presenting them with a surprise

This is one of the special ways of appreciating employees for their contribution to the organization. A present can be in the form of a surprising event or you can present them with some goodies like a personalized bottle, cup, or a bag. 

  1. A Food treat?

It always works, especially for the employees who are a foodie or who just explore a different type of food. Giving a free food coupon to the employees for a week or a month or giving them a surprising treat is what will make them elated

  1. Social media posts

A trend of appreciation that is being followed in this digital era is that organizations are posting their employee of the month or employee of the week on social media handles like LinkedIn which is the top social media for professional use and on Instagram as well. This way that particular employee is able to share his/her achievement with their known which boost up their morale and give them the motivation to work towards achieving greater targets

  1. What can be better than a paid leave?

As an organization has you ever thought of giving your employee a paid leave where? Very few companies are there that offers paid leave to the employees who are contributing so much to the company’s growth. But paid leave in the form of appreciation is one of the surprising ways which spreads joy not only in the heart of the employee but that through this organization touches the heart of employee’s known people as well. This way there is a positive word of mouth being spread about the company leading to great employer branding. 

  1. A Badge or a Trophy?

How about an organization gives a badge or a trophy to the employee through which he can boast about his/her great performance? Isn’t it a great idea? Employees love to decorate their cubicles with the memories they have majorly in the company, such a badge or a trophy will be the achievement that will bring so many compliments to the employee. Such a badge or a trophy is a source of motivation for an employee to dedicate his/her loyalty to the company. 

There are so many ways through which we can appreciate an employee. It depends on the organization and the Human Resource department who is responsible for organizing the employee recognition program for identifying their efforts and applauding them for it. they can use different ways of appreciating even more than one way of appreciating.