How to Exercise with Your Children

There are different types of exercise sessions you can undertake with your children. It is important to understand what kind of exercise is suitable for a specific age of your children. Kids have different preferences when it comes to exercise and finding that niche activity your kids’ love should be your responsibility. Kids will love to take part in an activity that will not only interest them, but also be enjoyable and entertaining. Here are some of the best ways Dr. Cory Harow suggests how you can engage with your kids during exercise.

Meet the Kids Where They Are and Start Exercising With Them

This simply means that when you want to have that good exercising session with your kids, it is good for you to find where they are playing and engage them. Do not start calling them out to come and join you but join them and exercise with them where they are playing. For instance, for small children who cannot partake in the exercise, you can give them lighter tasks like counting for you while you are doing the exercise while those that are big enough can participate with you in the exercise. From here, every child will feel part and parcel of all the training sessions.

Involve Your Children in Walking and Running Exercises

This is the most common way you can involve your kids in an exercise. You can decide to bring your kids to morning walks or runs to let them accompany you to learn the importance of exercise. This will keep them fit and healthy because it will also help them fight diseases like obesity and diabetes. You can use your baby walker to bring your small toddlers to partake in the exercise by walking with them in your training and exercise time. This will teach them as they grow up the importance of having daily exercises.

Undertake Some Yoga Practices With Your Kids

It is essential to know that kids are very flexible when it comes to doing body exercises. Their bones are more flexible than that of older people and as such, they can perform different body styles and twists with ease. Allow the kids to undertake some push-ups with you and perform different types of stretches. This will make their bodies more adaptable to the process while growing up.

Dance With the Kids

It might look simple and ordinary but this is the best way you can practice with your kids. Here, play the music that kids love and dance to it while encouraging the kids to also dance vigorously to the music. This will leave them exhausted and at the same time having exercised their bodies unknowingly.

Cory Harow is an emergency medical physician that has fought for the rights of Jewish citizens in the US. Together with his wife, they are raising four kids actively involved in the exercise which has given them healthy life as they engage in other community work.

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