How to Increase Revenue Year-Round At Your Medical Practice

The world has changed in terms of the medical industry immensely. COVID-19 completely reshaped certain areas of medicine which the medical industry adapted to seamlessly. Increasing revenue at any medical practice is going to be a challenge. Patient volume is very important but so is patient retention as growing a practice is easy if patients never go elsewhere. The following are tips to increase revenue throughout the year at your medical practice.

Maximize Revenue With Your Current Offerings

The revenue that you currently bring in needs to be maximized before considering new offerings. A chiropractor could offer massage as well which is not clearly advertised. A number of people would rather a chiropractor work on their massage than someone without knowledge of their spine. Creating specials to help increase the exposure of the services is something that the marketing and advertising team needs to handle.

Zoom Appointments Provide Convenience 

Telemedicine has changed the way that millions of people think about their healthcare. Zoom meetings with a doctor can allow you to get prescriptions and can even be better for preventative medicine. Not all patients are going to be comfortable with coming into the office with the pandemic lingering. Older patients that are technologically literate will appreciate the convenience of not having to battle traffic or find a ride to the practice. 

Keep Detailed Notes on Patients 

Patients appreciate the personal touch of a doctor remembering details about them. This personal touch should not be lost if doing virtual appointments. Making a patient feel special can be all you need to do even if you have a diagnosis that might be less than pleasurable to deliver. Most patients will not leave a practice without a reason, so don’t give patients a reason to look elsewhere for their care. 

Additional Services

There could be medical practices that suffer during times where the flu and common cold are not prevalent. Adding something like work injury treatment guidelines to help those injured at work heal can work wonders. People are hurt on the job regularly and it takes a special kind of occupational care to get them back to work. These types of programs are what employers look for when an employee is injured on the job.

Hone Your Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing can help drive patient numbers as consumers flock to search engines to find what they need. The creation of consistent quality content is the best way to educate patients and climb search engine rankings. Most practices will want to hire a digital marketing agency that already has established connections in the industry. Hiring an in-house marketing team makes it easier to keep a consistent brand tone but can be immensely expensive. 

Increasing revenue month after month will make a huge difference annually. Revenue should be a priority after patient experience as growing revenue is all about keeping your current patients happy.

Chris Turn

Chris Turn