Inchcape Shipping Services Partners with Grieg Logistics AS

In marine service and port agency news, global leader Inchcape Shipping Services has announced their partnership with Grieg Logistics AS. This will permit expansion of port agency coverage and a combination of technologies in Norway, along with naval and military operation in the Inchcape global network. Grieg Logistics maintains representation in more than 60 Norwegian ports. Inchcape adds to its stature as a global leader and provider of maritime and port agency services, in which capacity already maintains 270 offices in some 68 countries, with over 2,900 professionals and staff. Together, they offer world-class shipping and moving solutions to meet the needs of clients all over the world. They realize that as simple as moving a horse from A to B poses a huge transportation challenge and security risk, and that’s why they also cover pets transport internationally.

Shipping agent duties are many and varied. The shipping agent facilitates movement, handling all the necessary logistics and paperwork of moving vessels in and out of ports of call and in different countries. This includes procuring pilot and tugboat services, booking the actual arrival and departure in any port, and ensuring all proper documentation for clearance of the vessel is completed, among other services. Additional services may include arrangement of provisions and fresh water. Customs also must be informed of the arrival and nature of any cargo on board the vessel. This cargo then must be supervised for safe and secure handling, loading, and discharge, which usually involves dealing with the stevedores. The shipping agent also takes care of crew changes and repatriation, forward travel arrangements, and any documentation necessary for immigration. Medical care for the crew, if needed, may also be provided. Any necessary surveyors or experts in any field are contacted by the shipping agent. 

The shipping representative functions require vital knowledge of the country and locale, port regulations, and the shipping industry in general. In short, the shipping agent handles all necessary functions as agent for the owners, or shipping company, and provides that client with real time updates on progress and activities as necessary. Expertise of this nature is not acquired overnight, and in actuality is quite rare. This expertise is one reason, among many others, that the partnership of Inchcape Shipping Services and Grieg Logistics AS benefits global customers. The CEO’s of these two partners have also expressed their enthusiasm at the increased capacities their combination of technology and operations will allow:

Combining the expertise of Inchcape Shipping Services and Grieg Logistics provides a unique platform for providing Marine & Offshore Services, Port Agency and Naval support. The two organisations have complementary skill sets and well-aligned cultures; this delivers unparalleled operational excellence and transparency to our clients.”
– Frank Olsen, CEO – Inchcape Shipping Services

“We are excited and highly motivated to take on the extended cooperation with Inchcape. We believe our long-standing experience in Norway within the agency business in all segments, combined with our digital solutions and Inchcape’s global network will benefit both owners and terminals in the best possible way.”
– Michelle Williams, CEO – Grieg Logistics.

Inchcape Shipping Services is an industry leader in the utilisation of advanced technology, such as the Optic operating system, which permits owners to gain a real time picture and overview of port, cargo, and vessel status. This technology is a vital part of utilising information to maximise operational efficiency and decrease cost, while permitting closer collaboration between owners and agents. Inchcape’s modern technology allows owners information on the state of the vessel in real time, at the level of detail they desire. It offers Inchcape clients the increased transparency and efficiency vital for today’s shipping industry.


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