Influencing Business Health, Optimism, and Success – By Pascal Bachmann

Entrepreneurs launch their businesses with the goal of maximizing profits and wealth. They are driven by passion and ideas that they believe can solve problems. However, many entrepreneurs fail to consider the other elements that are essential to building a successful business, leading to a high rate of bankruptcy (70-80%) due to a lack of a solid foundation. This foundation involves more than just having a clear vision or identity; it requires a focus on daily mission and a healthy life across all areas. As an author, international speaker, life and business strategist, Pascal Bachmann is passionate about helping others grow in all aspects of their lives, empowering them to become healthy and successful leaders in business and life.

Pascal Bachmann is a Swiss immigrant living in America, and a former professional athlete turned serial entrepreneur. His success was not easy to achieve, as he faced various challenges, including a road accident that ended his fighting career, a $15 million bankruptcy in business, and a failed marriage. It took him a while to understand the principles of sustainable health, success, and wealth, but his real-life experiences and his ability to rebuild from scratch motivated him to help others do the same. Over the past 25 years, he has built seven businesses with a combined net worth of over $20 million, and with his team, he has helped over 20,000 clients move from an unhealthy and depressed state to health, happiness, success, and wealth.

Influencing Business Health, Optimism, and Success
Entrepreneurs are self-responsible for the growth and life of their businesses. However, business is not the only aspect of life. The CORE4, created by Pascal Bachmann, aims to help entrepreneurs understand the connection between business and life and build the foundation needed for long-term success. The CORE4 consists of four main pillars: health, mind, harmony, and wealth.

Health is the foundation of success in business and life. Entrepreneurs need to take care of their body’s nutrition, exercise, and wellness to build a strong vehicle capable of overcoming obstacles. Most people overlook their health, which in turn affects how they run their businesses.

Purpose and mindset are essential for achieving greatness in entrepreneurship. Having clarity about what you want and why you want it is crucial. It helps to know where you are today and what you need to do to achieve your goals. Being on a mission every day is essential to invite productivity and become the creator of your desired outcomes.

Relationships matter in business and life. Harmony involves love, including love for what you do, healthy relationships with yourself, your business partner, spouse, or family. Entrepreneurs need to ensure that they have space for all areas of life beyond their businesses.

Wealth is not just about finances; it is about financial freedom and fulfillment. Focusing on the first three pillars of the CORE4 (health, mind, and harmony) allows entrepreneurs to fully concentrate on their businesses and attain wealth. With a proper strategy, and strong foundation, entrepreneurs can make a profound impact on their businesses, leading to success and financial freedom.

Building a successful business requires a strong foundation that goes beyond having a clear vision or identity. The CORE4 is a valuable tool for entrepreneurs to build this foundation by focusing on their health, mindset, relationships, and wealth. Business is just one aspect of life, and success in other areas is crucial for achieving long-term success. Pascal Bachmann is available to offer further help and advice through LinkedIn, his Business Website, or his Personal Website.