Making the Best of Bad Reviews

Making the Best of Bad Reviews

Father George Rutler has a unique perspective on how people should think about bad reviews. Father Rutler’s advice is to make the best of them! Rutler reminds them that they can’t control our reputation, but we can control what people say about us. Father Rutler suggests ways to turn a bad review into something good.

Ask for a bad review

Father Rutler says, “It’s like watching someone make a pie, and they taste the pie dough and say ‘That’s good.'” The next thing he suggests is to put themselves in other people’s shoes. Rutler says by asking how they would feel if they were on the receiving end of these reviews. For example, a bad review might say, “this book was a waste of my time.” This makes them think how much more people put into writing a book than it does for someone to write a bad review, Father Rutler says.

Do not take the negative reviews too seriously.

As far as faith goes, Rutler says it is important to remember that God doesn’t take all of our thoughts and actions seriously. So, “If they take themselves too seriously, they are taking themselves too lightly.”

Do not let ego get bruised

Rutler says the reason for this is because “egos are made to be punctured, so why would they want a big ego?” He also reminds them that “they do great damage when they defend themselves against criticism by curtailing what they say or write.” This might mean that sometimes people have to suffer through embarrassment in order to accomplish something greater. Father Rutler encourages everyone who reads his books or saw him perform on television to watch out for the phrase, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

Use negative reviews for your benefit

Father Rutler says this by saying, “I think it’s very hard to get on someone’s bad side without making them stronger in their own resolve and determination. The best things that happen to them are often said with scorn or derision. If not for scorn, they wouldn’t reach Nirvana.” He also reminds us again that God doesn’t take all of their thoughts and actions seriously. For example, if a child misbehaves, Father Rutler will make the child aware of their wrongdoing instead of saying nothing at all. By telling them what they did wrong, he helps them become a better child.

Look inward

Father Rutler says this by saying, “if their book doesn’t sell enough copies, it might be because they need to start over from scratch.” This is a good thing because everyone has the ability to grow from their mistakes. This way, they can become better at what they do, and maybe someday, people will realize how much more successful they have become.

Use the review to differentiate their company

Father George Rutler says this by saying, “Some of the most difficult things they have to face are good for them. If customers are not buying their book, perhaps it’s because readers don’t need another one just like it.” He has advice on how to do this by suggesting that they write about something people want to read. Father Rutler reminds them that everyone wants some kind of differentiation or change in their lives, so if they can give them what they want, maybe they will return the favor and buy more of their work.

Forgive others

Father Rutler says this by reminding them again that God doesn’t take all of their thoughts and actions seriously. This may include being able to agree with some negative reviews saying that parts were confusing or the ending was too abrupt. He says, “that’s what movies are for. They give us closure.”

Father Rutler finishes by saying that “negative reviews are good for them because negative reviewers insult them only to make them better than them.” He also suggests that they should try to be grateful towards our detractors. This whole process will help strengthen.

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