Malou Caluza: Reasons QNET Is Not a Get-Rich-Quick Scam

Hard work leads to success at QNET. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the direct-sales company has often had to deal with allegations of being a scam or a get-rich-quick scheme. “Nothing  could be further from the truth. We have always maintained that QNET is not for those looking for overnight success. This is evident in the success stories we share,” says Malou Caluza, CEO of QNET. “Every one of the top leaders that our network looks up to today started with nothing. These leaders built their businesses slowly and steadily. It took them years to get where they are today.”

According to Caluza, many of the scam allegations stem from a general lack of understanding of how a direct-sales company operates. “While direct selling is more than a century old, it is still in the very early stages in many emerging economies and hence not properly understood,” says Caluza. “Many people assume it is some type of investment or financial scheme and are wary of it.”

Most confuse direct sales with pyramid schemes, in which compensation is based on membership recruitment. But QNET works on product sales commission. Distributors only make money based on the products they sell, not the number of people they convince to join the company.

Since 1998, QNET has helped develop entrepreneurs in many emerging economies around the globe. Distributors are located in Central Asia, Africa, Europe, South Asia, East Asia, and the Middle East. Giving these distributors a platform to share their honest success stories is one way that QNET dispels the false pyramid scheme and get-rich-quick scam rumors. “They’re our best ambassadors for the message that success at QNET takes hard work and consistent effort over a period of time,” Caluza says.

QNET is also a member of Direct Selling Association organizations in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia, and the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations. Both are self-regulating authorities with strict requirements for membership. QNET could not operate as a member of these organizations if it were really a scam.

Helping Potential Distributors Understand That QNET Is Not a Scam, but a Top Priority

There are multiple reasons that QNET is not a scam. The direct selling company has been around for more than two decades and has established a presence worldwide. It has built long lasting partnerships with international organisations. The company organises events, trainings, and expos around the world to engage with its network and create awareness about its products and business. QNET is actively giving back to communities in more than 50 countries, and its charitable initiatives have helped thousands of people, including women, children, and refugees. “If the aim of the company was to be a scam, why would we go to so much trouble to engage with and invest in our independent representatives and our communities?” asks Caluza.

The company also utilizes multiple social media platforms to disprove scam allegations. “We use our social media channels extensively to communicate what it takes to succeed in QNET. We have developed a number of campaigns and videos to help potential independent representatives (IRs) understand that they are not joining a get-rich-quick scheme,” explains Caluza. “If they are looking to make a quick buck, QNET is not for them.”

Hard Work and Diligence Makes a QNET Distributor Successful

According to Caluza, “QNET is for those who are interested in building a long-term business. Accomplishing that will not be easy in the beginning.” But with hard work, success is possible. “Once a distributor has put in the work and diligently followed the best practices that they are trained in by QNET, the results will be rewarding,” says Caluza. “It may take time, but it will be worth the wait.”

“A successful QNET distributor is passionate about helping people take charge of their lives through our products and our business,” adds Caluza. “Someone who leads with honesty and integrity and lives the values of RYTHM: Raise Yourself To Help Mankind. After all, these are the attributes that make the distributor a successful CEO in their own right.”

How The Company Rectifies False Scam and Get-Rich-Quick Scheme Allegations

QNET utilizes a comprehensive approach to training. “We aim to empower aspiring entrepreneurs to become professionals and CEOs of their own business,” says Caluza.

The direct-sales company accomplishes this with a three-part training program. “The first part is when we help the new distributor understand the company and their responsibility as a QNET independent representative,” Caluza explains. This occurs when QNET covers its policies and procedures as well as the code of conduct.

The second phase of training is when distributors become product ambassadors. “We focus on helping them understand how our products can help them address some of the challenges they face, be it with air and water quality, or nutrition deficiency, or even learning a new skill,” says Caluza.

During the third phase, QNET helps its distributors scale up their business. “QNET helps them sustainably build their business for the long run,” explains Caluza. “This includes leadership development, professional business practices, utilizing technology to manage their business, and so much more.”

QNET engages with its independent representatives regularly to understand their needs and adjust the training program based on their feedback. Direct selling offers flexibility, and QNET makes it easy to participate by providing the training, robust support system, and excellent compensation plan needed to succeed.

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