Most Common Global Marketing Mistakes

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Most Common Global Marketing Mistakes

Global marketing mistakes happen. It sucks, but sometimes they’re just honest mistakes, because you didn’t know, or realize, that what you were doing was wrong. You’re not alone. There are a lot of common global marketing mistakes that a lot of people often make. Entrepreneur Alexander Djerassi thinks that it’s important that you know what the most common global marketing mistakes are, so that way you know what to avoid doing. He wants you to be successful, and do well.

Top 6 Most Common Global Marketing Mistakes:

  • Not being specific about what country, or countries are being marketed to.
  • Not paying adequate attention to the internal data.
  • By not adapting your product, or service, to fit other countries.
  • By not letting the local teams that you hired, lead the way and do what you hired them to do.
  • Not thinking about global logistics thoroughly.

These are the most common global marketing mistakes that happen often. They happen as an oversight, or because maybe they just don’t realize that what they’re doing is a big mistake.

You want to make certain that you avoid these marketing mistakes, and do better.

Specify What Countries You’re Marketing For

When you’re getting into global marketing you have to specify what countries you are marketing to. Design them a website, that’s just for them. You have to make sure that you’re specific, because if not it’s a mistake. Nobody will really know who your targeted audience is.

Pay Attention To Your Internal Data

You have to pay attention to your internal data when you’re getting into global marketing. If you don’t pay adequate attention to it, or neglect to look back at it, you’re only setting yourself up for failure. Don’t make this mistake.

Adapting Your Product, Or Service, To Fit Other Countries

You have to adapt your product, or service, to work for other countries. You have to adapt to what the other countries need with your product. Your product, or service, might work one way just well in one country, but you might find that you have to adapt it in order for it to be great for another country.

Let The Local Teams You Hired, Do What You Hired Them For

You have to let your local teams you hired, do what you hired them to do. You have extremely smart people working for you. Just because you start marketing globally, doesn’t mean they can’t still do their jobs. Let them lead, and listen to their strategies that they have.

Think About Global Logistics Thoroughly

You have to think thoroughly about global logistics. You want to make sure that you’re doing it correctly. You have to think it through, and do it the right way. That way you can avoid any possible mistakes that could happen.
You can see what the most common global marketing mistakes are, and how to avoid them. Alexander Djerassi thinks that it’s important for you to know these things.

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