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Our Orwellian White House Is Distributing Doctored Evidence

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Our Orwellian White House Is Distributing Doctored Evidence

Our Orwellian White House Is Distributing Doctored Evidence

Americans everywhere had pitifully low expectations for President Trump’s administration when he came into office, but even the most forgiving amongst us were shocked by the recent actions of our Orwellian White House. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and other communications officials in the executive mansion recently distributed doctored video evidence to the public in an attempt to smear a CNN journalist trying to hold the administration accountable.

Here’s why Americans need to be worried about the White House’s embrace of literally Orwellian political tactics, and how we can resist this truth decay that’s destroying our nation.

The White House is lying to you

There’s simply no other way to describe recent events other than to say that the White House is blatantly lying to the American people and the world abroad. After CNN’s Jim Acosta recently questioned the president during a televised press conference, the commander-in-chief quickly grew irate and dismissed his perfectly valid question. Yet again, President Trump dismissed the journalists like Acosta as mere “fake news,” falsely slamming his network as illegitimate in a baffling and embarrassing display for an American president.

Acosta pressed on, trying to get the president to actually answer a question, when a White House intern confronted him and attempted to snatch the microphone he was using away. He gently resisted her, politely addressing her when she reaches into his personal space, and certainly never laid his hands on her in the insidious way that the White House is now insisting he did. Later, they actually released fully doctored evidence of the entire event, editing the video footage like moving storage pods, to make the journalist’s natural movements look more aggressive.

After the White House’s assertions were disproven by everyone in the mainstream media, including his close allies at Fox, they just kept lying. It should be clear for everyone to see by now that this president doesn’t feel he’s bound to the truth like the rest of us. As a matter of fact, President Trump is actively lying in an effort to undermine the common truth and reality that underpins our democratic system. When nothing can be proven true, when everything can be called into question, petty tyrants and liars like him are just as valid and trustworthy as the most legitimate and honest of folk.

This president wants a war with the media, but more than that, he wants a war with any opposition against him. This includes the very fabric of objective truth itself, since it so often flies in the face of the subjective malice and lies President Trump ceaselessly spews. We can’t buy into his war on reality, and must stand fast by the truth, holding onto it at every available opportunity. No matter how much this infant president screams and shouts, we can’t let him reshape reality at his whim. Don’t buy into the White House and its absurd, fabricated evidence. The president’s war on reality is growing more unchecked by the day, and if Americans don’t come together to oust him soon he’ll only grow more and more dangerous.