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The 116th Congress Will Be The Most Diverse Yet

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The 116th Congress Will Be The Most Diverse Yet

The 116th Congress Will Be The Most Diverse Yet

Progressives everywhere have plenty of reasons to celebrate
now that a blue wave has rolled across the United States and returned control
of the House of Representatives to the Democratic Party. One of the most
notable changes that the recent midterm elections ushered in is going
relatively unnoticed, however, and warrants further investigation. That trend,
of course, is that the new 116th Congress will be the most diverse
in American history, and stands to benefit the left’s efforts to build a more
equitable nation for everyone.

Here’s how the recent elections changed congress, and why
that’s such good news for American progressives everywhere.

Women and minorities
are heading to the House

Historically speaking, the bicameral legislatures of the
United States Congress have never been equitable nor representative; for the
vast majority of this country’s history, we’ve been solidly ruled by older,
conservative, White men. The 116th Congress is still overwhelmingly
skewed in favor of this group, but it’s more diverse and representative than
any to ever come before it. In the state of Texas, for instance, two Latinas
are going to Congress for the first time, despite the fact that Hispanics have
been a historically populous minority in that area.

2018 was rightfully called the “year
of the women” in tight congressional races because so many female candidates
are now flocking towards the House, too. While we’re still a far way off from
gender equality in American governance, the Democratic majority in the House will
include more women than ever before, including some exciting young guns like
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the youngest woman ever elected. This is fantastic
for a progressive agenda and will lead to a cabinet refacing, because while the
GOP-controlled Senate may attempt to stall progressive initiatives the
solidly-diverse House will keep pushing through bills that are representative
of what real Americans want.

Religious diversity is beginning to grow in the house, too;
this year’s midterms gave us our first Muslim female ever elected to Congress,
for instance. More and more, our country’s legislative chambers are starting to
visually, ideologically, and demographically match the people they’re supposed
to represent. This trend will only continue if progressives get out and vote in
future elections, however.

There’s little doubt that President Trump and his GOP
cronies will try to downplay the Democratic Party’s historic gains in this
election. Ultimately, the share of the popular vote House Democratic candidates
received this year will likely eclipse the share they got in the past. It’s
imperative progressives everywhere understand this, and don’t allow that fact
to get lost in President Trump’s ceaseless noise.

We have plenty of reasons to be optimistic in
the United States of America despite President Trump’s continued tenure; the
116th Congress, for instance, demonstrates that our country is
rapidly becoming more equal and truly embracing multiculturalism. When it comes
to thrashing the GOP’s abhorrent agenda and sending President Trump packing in
2020, progressives everywhere will soon find themselves turning to their new
Congress for inspiration and guidance.