The Benefits of Replacement Lenses

Replacement lenses are a great alternative to purchasing new glasses.  Almost 65% of adults in the United States wear prescription glasses.  On average, most need a replacement pair of glasses every 1-3 years, and consumers plan to spend about $175 on each new glasses purchase.  That cost can add up quickly.  Often, glasses frames outlive the lenses; this may be because of scratches, breaks, natural wear and tear, or vision changes.  Considering replacement lenses can help ease some of the costs associated with these natural occurrences.  There are many other reasons one may decide to get replacement lenses.  Some may find their current style isn’t available from retailers and others may keep multiple pairs or styles to choose from. 
Replacement lenses allow you to upgrade any of your frames to the latest glasses technology.  When choosing replacement lenses, you can choose different materials and lens coatings to personalize your benefits.  For some, their replacement lenses might be plastic, seeing as they are the most affordable option with high optical clarity.  Others may choose polycarbonate because it’s shatterproof and impact resistant, or glass because it’s naturally scratch resistant.  Replacement lenses also allow consumers to tint their lenses to enhance their vision in different settings.  Buying replacement lenses is an affordable option that allows you to upgrade your favorite glasses with new lenses in as little as 5 business days.

The World of Replacement Lenses
Source: LensFactory