Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Young medical professionals and lawyer look into personal injury cases

Depending on what your personal injury case is, you might need to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you sue for personal injury compensation and make sure that all your rights and interests in setting negotiations with the insurance company. 

Before you hire a lawyer, there are some questions that you need to ask. 

Will You Be Able to Handle My Case?

The best lawyers know their areas of expertise. They won’t take on cases of clients that won’t get the attention they need. 

Make sure that your lawyer has the time, energy, and expertise to familiarize themselves with your case and that they are able to represent you in court. 

In What Areas of Law Do You Specialize?

It’s important that you choose a lawyer who focuses on personal injury law. The specialization matters because you need a lawyer who is experienced in personal injury law and knows the common defense tactics that are used by insurance companies. 

They will also know how to negotiate in accordance with what you need and can navigate some complex litigation procedures. 

Have You Handled a Personal Injury Trial Before?

Personal injury cases are often settled without the need to go to trial and still get the result you deserve. However, if your lawyer has no trial experience, it could be a disadvantage to your personal injury case. 

Lawyers who are willing and able to go to trial will have the experience and leverage to get the right settlement. If the settlement demands aren’t met, or you and your lawyer don’t think that what is being offered is fair, they can push for a fair settlement. 

An experienced lawyer can help with your personal injury case, and you can be sure that they will fight for your case until you get the result that you deserve. 

How Often Will You Contact Me About My Case? 

A red flag that you should look out for is if your lawyer sends a paralegal or an investigator to your first consultation. 

You want to speak to the lawyer who will be handling your case, not someone from their team. If your lawyer doesn’t communicate with you directly or often enough, it’s time to look for another one. 

How Much is the Contingency Fee?

This is one of the most important questions that you need to ask your lawyer, especially if your injury has caused you to accrue a lot of debt. 

A good personal injury lawyer bases their work on a contingency fee agreement. This means that you only have to pay for the legal fees if they are able to win your case. 

The cost of the contingency fees will vary state to state, but they usually range from 33–40% of the compensation you win. Sometimes these fees can be lessened. 

Read your retainer documents thoroughly before you hire a lawyer and be wary of the law firms that offer contingency fees that are a lot lower than other law firms in the market.

Chris Turn

Chris Turn