Scaling Digital Agency Growth Toward a More Promising Future

Scaling your business to prepare for the unexpected can be a headache. However, as society moves to a more digital age, small business growth is more attainable than ever. 

The pandemic hit small businesses especially hard, with 96% reporting being affected. Globally, 20% of women-led businesses reported having to close their doors completely. In addition, minority-led small businesses were at least 50% more likely to report permanent closure, reduced sales, and employee layoffs.

Despite these grievances, the future is starting to look brighter. Americans created nearly 3 million more online micro businesses in 2020 than in 2019. Almost 50% of these small businesses claim that they are ready to go digital, and almost 30% are already doing so. Scaling and organizing your business can alleviate the general stressors that come with owning a small business. Sales, client management, hiring, and results are just a few of the daily responsibilities of business owners that many claim are too much to handle.

The bottom line is that most small businesses are not prepared for unexpected success, and are in need of change. Scaling responsibilities can help you to optimize your business system and easily delegate tasks. Business ownership in today’s climate can be dicey, which is why many owners are learning to adapt and prepare for what is to come.
Are you ready for sustainable digital agency growth? Learn more in the visual deep dive below: