Helen Lee Schifter on the Importance of Wellness In the Age of COVID-19

In the age of COVID-19, we have seen and experienced a level of devastation that many thought unthinkable just a few months ago. The gratitude that New Yorkers have exhibited to the first-responders and healthcare workers on the ground has been incredibly admirable. For many New Yorkers, it reminds them of the way the city united in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. 

“One of the most meaningful moments during this pandemic for me has been the 7 PM daily cheer,” says Helen Lee Schifter. But the importance of maintaining one’s mental and emotional health also plays an integral part during this crisis of epic proportions. Helen has written about the need for people to take this opportunity to reflect on their priorities in life and appreciate the health and well-being of their friends and family. 

As she’s written consistently on Medium, there is a real need during this pandemic for everyone to reassess their priorities and conduct some constructive thinking about what truly matters in life. Because of the chaotic nature of the working-day, coupled with all of the material responsibilities all ordinary citizens have, it is only human for people to not have the opportunity to reflect on the meaning of life. 

Reflection is an incredibly important part of establishing one’s center of gravity, mentally and emotionally. It allows people to reassess the importance that certain aspects of their lives provide them, while recognizing that others might not be as fulfilling as they once thought or suspected. 

This cathartic exercise is one that people can take the spare time that the COVID—19 crisis has afforded them, to reflect upon. There are so many sources of goodness in the world that so many neglect to consider. Whether that might be yoga, meditation, nature or hiking. Perhaps even certain recreational activities and passions that people periodically engage in, but never actually decided to pursue in a serious and substantial manner. 

Many working in commercial industries have taken the opportunity to turn to painting. Some have turned to studying the arts & sciences. Some have turned to literature and there’s been a renewed interest in reading. Of course, this has add a number of benefits besides for the obvious ones. Among them, has been the benefit of helping bookstores and authors who have struggled tremendously in recent years especially, financially. Helping fund them is of critical importance to ensuring the continued authorship of books. Much of the changes in the book and literary industry have been due to the changes in digital and social media, and what that has led to. But there are also positive uses that the digital age has brought.  

Using social media as a way of promoting true information about the gravity of this pandemic is of course of critical importance as well. Helen Lee Schifter herself has been using Twitter and Linkedin to share important content about the magnitude and scope of this horrible crisis that has engulfed the world. The WHO has consistently proven to be an important source of news about the gravity of the situation. It’s important for citizens worldwide to be educated and well-informed about the many aspects of this crisis plaguing civilization. 

The importance and value of truthful news has never been more valuable. For that same reason, there has been a renewed intense scrutiny of Facebook and other social media giants, cracking down on platforms allowing the dissemination of misinformation. Sources of such misinformation need to be held to account for what they are saying. In some instances, the consequences can truly be devastating.

In African countries for example, there are so many people that do not have the sources to news and critical information about this pandemic, that they so badly long for and need. We In the world community need to consider ways of changing this down the road.