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Some Excellent Reasons To Set Up Your New Business In Asia

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Some Excellent Reasons To Set Up Your New Business In Asia

There are many businesses all across the globe, based in the local towns
and cities, and by world standards, many of them are doing pretty well. They
are turning a profit, and they might even possibly be thinking, about expanding
in the local area. However, for many of these businesses, this is as far as
they go, which is a real shame, because there is a whole world out there, that
would probably be very interested in the product or service that they have to
offer. Many business owners are very nervous about making expansion plans, but
the Asian market is growing at a very fast rate, and there are many opportunities
to be had, if they would just take the chance.

The Asian market
is wide open at the moment, and it is quite straightforward process to go ahead
and set up business registration in Hong Kong. Once your business is registered there,
then you can begin to hire employees, and try to find new customers. Having a
business based in Hong Kong adds an element of class and prestige to your
current business, and setting up a business there offers up so many benefits.
The following are just some of them.

  • Great tax benefits – Hong Kong operates under a different tax
    regime than that of the mainland China, and new startups can get VAT tax
    refunds, because the Hong Kong government wants them to locate there. The tax
    that you pay in Hong Kong is significantly less than China, and this allows you
    to have extra funds in order to be able to hire the best employees using local recruitment agencies.

  • The gateway to China – Even though you are based in Hong Kong,
    you have access to one of the biggest business and consumer markets in the
    whole world. This will create huge business opportunities for you, and if you
    do it right, your business will grow at an alarming rate. Profits will surge,
    and you might have to take on new employees just to keep up. You will find
    ongoing government support to help you.

  • Ease
    of doing business –
    is very little bureaucracy in Hong Kong, when it comes to opening a new
    business. It is quite possible to be able to open and start your new company,
    in as little as two weeks, and thankfully, there are no foreign ownership
    restrictions for Hong Kong companies. You get to take advantage of this
    fantastic international transportation hub, that offers some of the best
    business infrastructure facilities available.

The main thing
that you will like about moving your business to Hong Kong, is that there is an
excellent independent legal system in place, that is unlike that, of the
mainland China. It actually uses English common law, so there will be no
confusion on your part. With regards to intellectual property rights, it is
strictly enforced, and there are strict regulations in place to protect your
patents and your copyrights. There is also a highly trained and skilled
workforce, that is familiar with both English cultures, and Chinese culture.