The Struggles Involved with Business School

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Business school will allow a person the chance to begin a good career. They will learn about the different areas of business and the degree will show that they have the skills and knowledge for this career. Alexander Djerassi knows the importance of business schools and the struggles that go along with this program. Djerassi knows that business school is not going to be easy and that a person will need determination and perseverance to make it to graduation.


Going to business school involves taking a lot of classes. The professors are not worried about what else is going on in a person’s life. They want their students to do well in the class and they will need to work hard to pass. A student is going to need to do a lot of work outside of the class. They are going to need to complete reports and conduct research. This will take up a lot of their time. A student needs to develop a schedule so they can keep track of when all of this information is due.

Organization or Internships

When a person is in business school they should look for opportunities to make connections. When a student gets their degree they are going to need to find work. The connections that they make while in school can make all of the difference. If a student has the chance to complete an internship they need to take it. They can make some connections and may be able to find a future employer. This will be in addition to all of the classes they still need to take. A student should also join other business related clubs or organizations at the school. This will give them the chance to make additional connections and networks. A student will need to take their time and make sure they can complete their work and still have time to network.

Learn Additional Skills

When a person is in business school they are going to need to learn more than just the business aspects and laws. There are some other skills they are going to need to take the time to learn so they can be successful. A person should learn some interpersonal skills. When they are working with others in the business world they need to be confident and learn how to relate to all different people. They will need to learn how to build relationships with these people. A person should also take courses or on their own time learn some basic phrases in different languages. If they want to work with those on an international level these skills will help set them ahead and show that they are dedicated to learning more about the profession.

Alexander Djerassi admits that business school is going to be a struggle but for many people, it is worth the hardship. A person will be able to make it through school and have a career in business if they are willing to put in the hard work and determination.

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