Today’s Business Essentials

Today’s Business Essentials

Essentials in business today include social media and online marketing tools and trends such as globalization and e-commerce. These new technologies play an essential role in driving people to the business website and increasing its traffic. This article will discuss these essentials according to entrepreneur Alexander Djerassi.

Social Media

The first essential is social media, which includes Facebook, Twitter, and other websites or platforms that help in communicating with others. Many businesses now have their presence on social media. This means they have their accounts set up but are not using them frequently yet. The benefits of using these websites can be tremendous! It’s a must to understand how to use social media for the company. For instance, some companies have increased their sales by 50% simply through social networking sites. And these sites aren’t just for consumers – many organizations and nonprofits have also used social media to make connections and raise awareness with potential clients and donors.

Online Marketing Tools

In addition to social media, learning about internet marketing tools is needed. One tool that plays a big part in the success of a business when it comes to marketing is blogging. Blogging allows one to update the public on the progress of a project. Also, blogs give the business a chance to interact with customers directly. There are many ways to optimize a blog so the message gets across quickly and effectively. Examples include meta tags, keywords, links, comments, photos, videos, etc.


Many things change over time. But, some things don’t. So, trends come up periodically, where businesses see massive changes within a short period. To stay on top of current trends affecting the business, keep up with the latest knowledge available via the Internet. Check out the most recent news headlines, and read magazines, blogs, and books. Then apply what has been learned to your business.


People around the world have become more connected than ever before. They often travel and live together, creating opportunities to trade goods, services, money, ideas, and cultures. Today we experience fast global communications, instant banking, and easy transportation from one side of the planet to another. As a result of these changes, businesses must rethink many aspects of doing business and reevaluate strategies to compete.


With all the advances in technology, the way we shop has changed tremendously. Nowadays, people prefer shopping online rather than going to stores. With the growth of electronic commerce (e-commerce), consumers can purchase items online without leaving home. Almost 40% of purchases made annually go through online channels. However, successful businesses that operate online need specific skills to succeed. In particular, they need to build customer loyalty and trust, promote products properly, get website traffic and convert buyers into loyal customers through email marketing.

According to entrepreneur Alexander Djerassi, today’s business essentials don’t necessarily mean a significant investment. Instead, they represent ways to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in small businesses. By taking the time to master each of these essentials, businesses find that they are much more practical today.

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