Top 5 Productivity Tips

By the end of the workday, most people are tired. They begin to slack off and things do not get done as they should. Others feel they do not have the time to get things done at work. It is easy for the mind to wander too. Father George Rutler understands this problem. He knows that people are often overwhelmed and too busy to get things done. Rutler also knows that people can be productive.

1. Automate

When emails are stacking it there are ways to answer them and become more organized. There are sites that can move items to specific folders and others that will mark items in order of importance. If a person is going to be away from the computer a message can even be sent back allowing the sender to know that a person is out of the office. This will allow a person to focus on what is important first and then handle the other emails that may be taking up space.

2. Block of Focus Hours

If a person has a time of the day that they need to work on specific items they should block it out on their calendar. Besides meetings a person should find a time during the workday to block out a specific block where they can complete their tasks and focus. At this time they will not be answering phone calls or emails. This will allow them to get work done without being disrupted.

3. Turn Off Notifications

Every time a person gets an email or a text message they do not have to answer it. The notifications are distracting and they can stop a person in the middle of a project. A person does not have to be alerted to everything the moment they are getting it. Turning off the notifications can allow a person to improve their focus. Most programs do not disturb features that can also be activated as needed to allow a person to work without interruptions.

4. Reduce Meeting Times

People waste a lot of time at meetings. If there is a time limit the meeting can be more productive. No one likes to be at meetings for hours on end. If a meeting can be finished within a half hour and be productive it is important to set this time. The time frame for a meeting should be set when it is called. This way people can share their information and they can get on with things. This will also help things run more efficiently.

5. Support a Private Life

People have lives outside of work. Father George Rutler encourages that individuals need to set some basic rules. They will not accept phone calls or answer emails after a certain time. This will help make a balance and a person will be more productive while they are at work. These are some things that can be done to increase productivity. These little changes can allow a person to get more done without getting stressed out.

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