Want To Help The Environment? Convert Your Credit and Debit Cards Into A Metal Card With SwipeSkins

Undeniably, many people today are more aware of environmental issues. Sustainability and eco-friendly are among the popular buzzwords nowadays. In addition, many consumers, especially millennials, embrace and support products and services that promote the health of the planet.

Plastic is among the top pollutants in the world today. Statistics showed that nearly 8 million tons of plastic waste found their way to the ocean annually. Plastic is also challenging to decompose. Most plastics will require at least 50 years to break down, while other kinds of plastic will take 400 years to degrade fully. That is why many people are advocating the use of more biodegradable products for the sake of the environment. 

Andre and Christian, founders of SwipeSkins, urge cardholders to switch from plastic credit and debit cards into metal cards. “Converting your credit and debit cards into metal cards can benefit the environment. SwipeSkin has been at the forefront of helping cardholders transform their dull plastic credit and debit cards into more eco-friendly metal cards.

Metal Is Greener Than Plastic

Annually, about six billion cards are produced worldwide, which are usually replaced with a new one every three to four years. Unfortunately, plastic cards add up to the growing waste problem, with at least 5.5 million tons of it going to landfills.

“How many times have you replaced your card before its expiration date because it got bent or broken? If you are using a plastic credit or debit card, you will experience this more likely. It is because plastic credit or debit cards can bend or snap easily,” Christian said. He added that people put their credit or debit cards on their wallets, and they accidentally sit on their wallets. So the tendency is their card will be bent or broken.

Christian said that information written on your card could fade over time. Many cardholders commonly experience that the card number fades and they can no longer read it. “If your card got bent, snapped, or broken, you have no choice but to seek a replacement even before the expiration. What will happen to your old card? It will end up in waste in landfills. The more often you request for a replacement, the more you will be contributing to the plastic waste problem,” he added.

Is there a solution? Christian asserted that converting plastic credit and debit cards into metal cards can solve the durability issues. “You can avoid replacing your card very often, which in turn can help the environment,” he added.

Christian explained that metal cards are long-lasting and nearly indestructible. “You accidentally sit on your metal cards. It will not be a problem since your metal card will not bend or break. It can even withstand extreme temperatures and still function well. So if you rarely request for a card replacement, the better it will be for the environment,” he added.

Christian urged cardholders to transition to metal cards and consider their contribution to saving the planet.

How Did SwipeSkins Start?

Andre confessed that their metal card business started from a crazy idea. “Before SwipeSkins, we were engaged in a vinyl sticker that people can put on their pocket cards as a business. It was a niche idea, and the niche was relatively successful,” he said.

“However, we saw that the business is not for the long run. And we are attracting people who are not aligned with what we envisioned for the company. So we dropped it to think of a new one,” Andre recalled. SwipeSkins originated from the idea of holding an 18-karat gold or 24-karat gold card. “It was a crazy idea to have a solid gold card, but it is something that can stir the excitement of people. Holding a gold card can be an instant hit,” he added.

Andre admitted that the idea was excellent, but very few people will take it. “So, we refine our idea and come up with cards made of other materials such as black metal, stainless steel, and titanium. We saw that the business has potential, and SwipeSkins was born,” he continued.

Processing Your Metal Card

Christian explained that they follow a simple process of transforming plastic credit and debit cards into long-lasting metal cards. “When a client’s card arrives at their office, we will pull up the approved design and laser the metal card. We have a quick turnaround time,” he said. He added that they knew that their clients need their cards for everyday transactions. SwipeSkins do not want to have their clients’ cards in their possession for an extended period.

“Our client will finalize the payment and email our team for his order. Then, we contact our graphic designer once the client sends the specific design ideas. After that, our graphic designers will work on it until the client approves the design to move to the next phase. Usually, it only takes 30 minutes or less to get the design approved,” Christian noted. 

SwipeSkins ensures that everything will get done within 24 hours. Christian said that they could ship the metal card on the same day. “We have exclusive contracts with logistics companies to allow us to deliver your metal card within one or two business days anywhere in the world. Apart from Australia, wherein delivery could take up to four days,” he continued.

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