Why Do You Need a Brand Legend, and How To Develop It?

The brand legend has emerged as one of the prominent highlights in the marketing strategies of different brands worldwide. Every business founder has a story about the foundations of their company, which highlights their motivation to enter the business. In addition, the brand legend also showcases how a startup evolved into a lucrative venture. The story about a brand not only describes the brand but also draws customers towards it and can distinguish even a small private business among competitors. Considering the importance of a brand legend in marketing, it is important to learn the best practices for creating your brand legend. 

What is the Brand Legend?

The brand legend or brand story offers a compelling narrative about a specific brand. It showcases the reasons for which a brand exists in the market and the ways in which it has built its reputation. The brand legend reflects the origins, values, mission statement, and goals of the company. Learn more about the significance of a brand story. The brand legend offers the first point of interaction between customers and a brand across online and offline platforms. Most important of all, it resonates with the values and beliefs of customers and employees.

Importance of Brand Legends

The definition of a brand legend shows how it can weave a compelling story around a specific brand. How does the story in a brand legend affect the business? The answer would point to the power of storytelling for conveying your message. As a brand owner, you need to use the brand legend to communicate more than your intentions and objectives of creating a brand. 

The human brain not only listens to the stories in brand legends but also to the underlying emotions. Customers can resonate with brand stories or logos when they can understand the feelings and thoughts behind them. You can try out free tools for making logos right now. At the same time, you must ensure that it fits with your brand legend. Why? Your brand legend is also reflected in your logo and the stories of milestones you have achieved. 

Since the brand legend invokes emotional connections with customers, it is important to develop a good brand legend. Emotional connections with customers not only attract new customers but also help in building trust. Eventually, you can have a community of dedicated brand advocates who truly believe in your brand. Most important of all, a unique brand legend or story helps you stand out from the crowd. 

Example of a Popular Brand Legend

The best way to understand the importance of brand legends would focus on a review of an example of a successful brand legend. One of the most inspiring brand legends in the world belongs to Lamborghini, which stood up to Ferrari. Apparently, the founder of Lamborghini, Ferruccio Lamborghini, had his own tractor factory, which had earned him good fortune after the Second World War. In his 60s, Ferruccio Lamborghini owned a Ferrari and enjoyed his life like any other rich man of the time. 

Lamborghini was a mechanic himself and figured out that cheap parts in the luxury cars of Ferrari required frequent repairs. He raised the issue during this meeting with Enzo Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari. However, legend has it that Enzo Ferrari ridiculed Lamborghini by saying that he should stick to his tractors. The insult by Enzo Ferrari created a revolution in the luxury sports car market. Lamborghini created its first sports car, the Lamborghini 350 GTV luxury sports car, within less than 6 months. 

The brand legend of Lamborghini is a tale of rivalry of epic proportions. Does the brand story of Lamborghini tell how the founder created the first Lamborghini sports car? No. The Lamborghini brand legend created an emotional connection with the buyers. It showed the world that you don’t have to live life on the terms of other people. The story shows that even if the industry leaders put you down, you can build your ideas into reality when you trust them unconditionally. 

How Can You Create a Memorable Brand Legend?

The example of Lamborghini is one of the many brand legends which have influenced customers. You can take Apple as an instance to understand the value of brand legends. The simple logo of the brand depicts the ways in which Apple believes in finding the missing piece of innovation. Customers connect with Apple products as they find innovative solutions to their problems, thereby implying the effectiveness of the brand legend. How can you build your own brand story? Here are some of the important components you need to build your brand legend. 

  • Moments of Meaning 

The moments of meaning in a brand legend refer to the important events in the brand’s timeline. The two important aspects in moments of the meaning of a brand legend include the inflection point and the spark moments. You should learn more about the moments of meaning in brand legend. The inflection point represents the origin story of a brand, while spark moments are the ones where brands strengthen their reputation. 

  • Bonding Memories

The next thing you need in an effective brand legend points at the bonding memories. Bonding memories play a crucial role in integrating a brand’s origin with the customer’s values and beliefs. For example, shared experiences can establish an emotional connection with customers. 

  • Define the Transformative Impact

Brand legends are born from action rather than creatively articulated stories alone. What has been your contribution to the industry or the world? For example, the story of Chanel proves that it is more than just a luxury fashion brand. A closer look at the brand story of Chanel would reflect the brand’s impact on women’s empowerment. 

Are You Ready to Create Your Own Brand Legend?

The basic definition and importance of brand legends showcase how they can influence the reputation of businesses. Brand legends are an effective tool for building the identity of a business on sturdy and resilient pillars. Top brands such as Lamborghini, Apple, and Chanel have their unique brand legends. Customers believe in the power of a brand through the legends around its foundations and unique achievements. In the long run, brand legends help in creating a community of loyal customers and brand advocates. Therefore, it is important to follow the best practices for creating your brand story. Learn more about the ideal pointers for crafting your brand legend right now.