8 Important Reasons to Clear Accumulated Snow From a Roof

8 Important Reasons to Clear Accumulated Snow From a Roof

As winter approaches and temperatures begin to drop, one of the main concerns for homeowners is the accumulation of snow on their roofs. While a picturesque view of a snow-covered roof may seem harmless, it can actually cause serious damage and safety hazards if left unchecked. In this article, we will discuss eight important reasons why it is crucial to clear accumulated snow from your roof.

1. Snow and Ice Can Damage Your Shingles

While shingles are designed to resist many types of weather, snow, and heavy ice may cause them to crack or blow off. Snow then accumulates on the roof, thereby increasing weight and compacting shingles, making them even weaker. This damage can lead to leaks and even cause the failure of the roof, which will amount to thousands.

2. Melting Snow Can Cause Leaks

With a change of temperatures and your roof melting, any crack or weakness detected on the surface allows water to seep through, thus leading to leaks. A few inches of snow accumulation results in the penetration into water that is difficult to restore. These leaks are not only capable of damaging your ceilings and walls, but they can also produce harmful molds.

3. Protect Your People and Property

Snow on the roof can also threaten those people who are near their homes. With snow that buildups, it loses its stability and loosens to fall in chunks from the roofs. Furthermore, not getting rid of the snow on your roof will lead to ice dams that can cause injury or damage to gutters and those walking beneath.

4. Prolongs Your Roof’s Lifespan

When you regularly remove snow from the surface, your roof will last longer. Eliminating the pressure and weight on them makes you believe that cracks and leaks, such as accumulated snow, are reduced. This could result in some savings for you as expensive repairs or a new roof can be prevented.

5. Prevention of Ice Dams

Ice damming is one of the harmful effects that arise from snow accumulation on roofs. Ice dams take shape when the snow on top of a roof begins to thaw and harden at its periphery, forming a condition that clogs proper drainage. The water is, therefore, trapped under the shingles and seeps through to your roof into the attic. By regularly clearing snow from your roof, you will be able to curb ice dams while keeping water damage at bay in the future.

6. Protects Your Attic from Moisture

The presence of ice dams and dripping melted snow may turn your attic into a hotbed for molds. This not only may affect your health but also become destructive to the building itself. Moisture accumulation in the attic is prevented when you remove snow regularly from your roof, which means that it remains dry and safe.

7. Prevents Damage to Your Gutters

Ice dams and heavy snow cause damage to the gutter systems. The freezing of the trapped water and its expansion can disrupt your gutters, leading to cracking or sagging; this might damage other areas, which will be costly to repair.

8. Safety in Roof Maintenance and Repair

During the winter, if you need to perform any type of maintenance or repair work on your roof, it needs to be safe. However, when the house’s roof is covered in snow, it is highly dangerous to try to repair it and precludes a comprehensive analysis of what lies beneath.