A Professional Pursuit with Meaning

Ken Kurson has had experience working in a wide array of different industries over his career-span. He’s worked as a political consultant on a series of different political campaigns. He’s also served as the editor in chief of The New York Observer and its related properties, serving the paper’s sophisticated and elite New York City readership. 

But one thing Kurson has always been very keen on, is not merely focusing on the commercial nature of the business – no matter the industry he may be involved in. Instead, he ensures that meaning and values are imbued in whatever he does. While we all recognize the importance of remaining concentrated on a business’ bottom line in order to ensure its success and survival in a competitive and cut-throat commercial environment, it’s also important to be able to foster a culture that leads staff members and even yourself to feel empowered about what you are engaged in day-to-day.

For this, Ken Kurson voices the opinion that no matter how junior the position, staff members need to feel involved and engaged in the commercial process and ultimate business mission that the respective company might be seeking to achieve. For that reason, working in a commercial context with meaning and purpose pays big dividends not only from a basic life and principled standpoint – but also from the perspective of doing good business, that ultimately leads to greater financial success.

In the bustle of day to day business that’s engaged in, no matter the metropolitan area where the activities may be happening, it’s only natural for members of commercial industry and business owners to be fixated on the obvious – ensuring the economic conditions of their business are maximized, and as optimal as possible. However, it  is actually good business to involve meaning and purpose in one’s business decision making processes.

What this leads to is a more motivating work atmosphere and environment where all those engaged in ultimately producing the company’s work-product or service feel invigorated. It’s important to create and foster such an environment in the interest of enhancing the dynamics of the culture that members of the team feel. Ultimately, encouraging team-work not only makes for a better environment, but it  also makes all the members of the work-force feel more motivated and encouraged to produce the best possible service and work-product imaginable. 

This is an important lesson for many business-owners no matter the size of their business – whether small, medium sized or large. Business doesn’t just have to be about concerns associated with building your bottom line in the most expeditious way possible. In the process of doing so, many lose sight of other aspects to business that can actually have constructive effects on this understandable and overarching goal. 

Kurson’s Book and Film Globe is a news property that is clear about maintaining this sort of delicate balance among all those participating and engaged in the consumer readership of the site. The entity has grown to include a very sizable audience that is dedicated and loyal. 

Book and Film Globe’s readership is comprised of people from disparate backgrounds that share a love and affinity for literature and good reading. Once an important American past time, reading has seemed to fall by the waist-side for many, with the rise of technology and social media platforms. This has been a rather unfortunate side effect of the rise of digital and social media; but it’s a trend that certainly is still reversible and ultimately, salvageable. Reading is something that should be valued and recognized in such a light by people regardless of their backgrounds or age. Our academic institutions should be educating our nation’s youth from a young age, concerning the advantages and values of reading regularly. It  should be viewed as a leisure activity, as opposed to one that is burdensome and merely related to work and one’s professional pursuits. 

Reading is also something that as an activity can provide one with immense amounts of purpose and meaning. Depending on one’s passions, there are a whole series of different authors out there, and respective genres to explore. One need not be an expert in order to appreciate the vast array of reading selections that are available. And even during these difficult Coronavirus times, with the pandemic we are up against, one need not go to a physical bookstore in order to be able to access books to read. Instead, there are all sorts of virtual options that afford the public the opportunity to stay educated and well-informed. 

Article Editor

Article Editor

Dale Mills is a freelance journalist with a passion for uncovering the stories that matter most. With over 10 years of experience in the field, Dale has a talent for investigating complex issues and distilling them into clear and concise reports. His writing is insightful and thought-provoking, providing readers with a deeper understanding of the world around them. Whether covering breaking news or in-depth features, Dale brings a unique perspective and a commitment to accuracy to his work. He is dedicated to impartial and ethical reporting, delivering the news with a sense of responsibility and a passion for the truth.