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Importance of Weekly Staff Check in Meetings

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Importance of Weekly Staff Check in Meetings

Importance of Weekly Staff Check in Meetings

Weekly staff meetings are essential for any business. This became even more apparent and necessary during the 2020 pandemic as many employees and workers had to relocate to their homes to do their jobs. With the power of the internet and vehicles like Zoom, Skype and a host of others, even during the pandemic businesses were able to conduct weekly staff meetings. The weekly staff meeting enabled owners, managers, team leaders and others who were responsible for employees, to be able to check in and address any questions and issues during the transition and adjustment period. This alone showed how important weekly staff meetings are, especially during a time of crisis such as the pandemic. However, even when there is not a need to be in panic mode due to a crisis or life events, businesses should always have weekly staff meetings to check in as Shalom Lamm would agree, because he has expressed just how important weekly staff meetings are. Here are a few more reasons why weekly staff check in meetings are important and beneficial.

Fist, whether the meetings are conducted as a team or one on one with] the team leader or manager, the weekly staff check in can find if there are any issues and questions regarding goals or just general topics; not to mention, one can give a recap of goals met and discuss any areas that need improvement along with addressing new topics and concerns. The meeting actually can set a positive tone for the work week and energize everyone especially if there is good news and even if there is not so great news to report, one can set a tone of encouragement. But most of all, the meeting can get feedback from the employees and workers for the team leader or manager to take into consideration.

Second, another benefit of having weekly staff check-in meetings is that productivity can actually be improved as employees are reminded of goals and the top priorities which should help them to organize and prioritize their workload. It is a weekly reminder of what is expected. And, with the team working efficiently, the team leader or manager can focus and address other items and issues.

Third, most employees love to be in the “know” and weekly check in meetings help them to stay engaged in their work and understand what is going on and the progress being made toward goals and the accomplishments. This way everyone should be on the same page as a group.

Fourth, positive feedback from managers when employees are doing a great job is always a plus and helps to keep employees positively motivated and weekly staff check-in meetings can definitely accomplish this and keep the team “up and at ’em”.
Lastly, weekly staff check-in meetings are important and very beneficial because they promote swift problem solving while keeping the lines of communication open as Shalom Lamm has stated. Each week managers and their employees can stay on top of any potential problems before they arise in a lot of cases and if problems do arise they can be addressed quickly.