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Non-Profit Hospitals Are Not As Consumer Friendly as Most Think.

There’s a hidden side to non-profit hospitals that they don’t want their patients to see. It’s the seamy side populated by state and federal lobbyists that continually press local legislatures to rescind pricing guides for medical care on the local level, and that pay fat salaries to lobbyists in Washington DC to insure that inconvenient …

Vaping Casualties Continue to Grow.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are taking a long, hard look at the many vaping products currently allowed on the market by the federal FDC. As reported in the media during the past few months, deaths from vaping and lung disease from vaping are on a disturbing upswing throughout the United States, where …

Everyone is Seeing Red About Red Meat.

So the big question in health this past week has been: Is red meat healthy for you or not? The answer, it seems, is — “It Depends. A recent study by international researchers and dieticians rattled the cages of carnivores and vegans alike when they released a study seemingly implying that there is no real …